SD Gundam XXG-01H Heavy Armed papercraft

SD Gundam XXG-01H Heavy Armed papercraft


sd-gundam-xxg-01h-papercraftBody designation: XXG-01H body code (Japanese): ga ン the inter ム ヘ Bldg ー ア ー ム ズ English name: Gundam Heavyarms Chinese name: reload up to the driver: Duro China Barton from the works: new mobile Wars up W the body type: test for the type of MS manufacturers : Resistance belong: the initial resistance with: AC195 technical parameters within the environment: a special cockpit (visual interface screen 180 degrees, pitch angle of +50 degrees) Dimensions: head height: 16.7 meters Weight: Body Weight: 7.7 tons Armor materials and structure: high Dani Mu alloy generator output: Propulsion: Acceleration: Equipment and design features: fixed arm: head vulcan gun × 2; short saber × 2; organ cannon × 2; leg 12 with mounted mini-missile pod tank × 2; 3 with shoulder mounted missile launchers induction × 2; chest Gatling gun use in armed × 2: left arm Gatling gun-related body: wing up, Gundam, high desert, dragon up

This paper model was designed by a chinese designer, i don't know how to read the chinese name :p

Because damn survey must be completed if we download his papercraft from his bolg, so you can click below links download it for free.

SD Gundam XXG-01H Heavy Armed papercraft [Mega] [DropBox]

Important information: You print with white paper for A,B and C; red paper for F,G,H; yellow for I; gray paper for D and E

Positive paste=正面粘贴
Negative paste=反面粘贴
Positive and Negative paste=正反面粘贴
Hollowing out=挖空
On the bit line=对位线
don't paste=不粘贴