SD Gundam X Papercraft GX-9900

SD Gundam X Papercraft GX-9900


Gundam X Papercraft After a few months wait, Gerbera (beragp04) has now released the SD GX-9900 Gundam XGundam X papercraft.

Gundam X Papercraft

The GX-9900 Gundam X is a mobile suit that appears in the After War Gundam X anime series. This Gundam X papercraft has 16 pages (no color) and comes with the satellite cannon and shield buster rifle. Just like any of the other Gundam papercrafts from Japanese designers, they have to be printed on colored paper.

Use this color coding to see which page prints on what color.

Color Coding

SD GX-9900 Gundam X Papercraft [via Beragp04]

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