SD Gundam RX-75 Papercraft free download

SD Gundam RX-75 Papercraft free download


SD Gundam RX-75 Papercraft The description of Guntank assembly

1, Pattern (three) color prints. Please print next to the size A4.
The picture is finished, "EPSON MC matte paper," we use.
We use an adhesive glue.

2, Truck parts cut out.

3, Make a side part.

4, Since interference with wheels, red line portion of the photograph have been corrected after the trial .
Is slightly more complex forms, please match the number of the pattern.

5, Please put together by the dotted line on the side of truck parts.

6, On the back like this.

7, Assemble the head.

8, Ear antenna, laminated sides and install like this.

9, Replace the parts of the neck.

10, Make the shoulder joint. Leave one side open only without attached.

11, To attach to the fuselage, leave jagged overlap width folded outward. To move the joint in combination with the yellow washers.

12, Upper body, make a shoulder around the base of the cannon as a dotted line folding pattern.

13, Bonded to the red line area, around the base of the cannon makes.

14, Attach the upper torso to the shoulder joint.
Across the yellow washers, and paste like this.

15, If there is insufficient mounting of the joints, the margin rounded to an appropriate pattern piece, please axis.

16, Open up the shaft, then stopper.
The red arrows paste folded inside, yellow arrows just folded inside.

17, Assemble the triangular air intakes chest like this.

18, Snap the upper chest air intake.

19, Around the chest part of the wa ko na sense じ san desu.

20, Combine the upper body.

21, West makes a part. The two-tiered red parts and blue parts. The red parts are put into a cylindrical shape to fit the picture.

22, Paste inserting a tube into the red parts and blue parts.

23, Overlap width of the component in red affixed to the inside looks like.

24, Combines the upper body and waist. Part of the waist, hips and paste even after the previous part of the waist.
There is no picture, marked with a box-shaped bulge BOX both sides of the waist.

25, Assemble the cannon. Make a gun wound to the rod of your choice.
Make a separate base portion and into the barrel.
To match the cylindrical portion of the red arrow, please put together part of the cone. Tailored to the cone and overlap width is slightly larger in diameter.
When its over, go into the barrel bore size is smaller blue arrow (^ ^; so, please insert it right into the barrel to expand muzzles.

26, Paste the base of the barrel is left with something like, make a U-shape parts.

27, In the seat across the cannon, mounted on the shoulder. I have fixed this.

28, Make a back exhaust. The barrel-shaped drums.

29, The hole in the back and attach at an angle plug.

30, Make the arm. Drill four holes plugged into the barrel of pop missiles.
Cone, put it slightly larger diameter to fit the overlap width, please adjust the arm cylinder in-kind match.

31, The barrel of pop missiles, creating one of four left.

32, Like this. Adhesive with the base, I press on the tape to harden.

33, The upper arm is also moving. And attach the first joint. Then, apply a tube in the upper arm.

34, Elbow (red arrow) is fixed. Please install the elbows slightly bent.
Shoulder (yellow arrow) rotates two points.

35, Arms like this.

36, Create a driving wheel.
If you cut a jagged overlap width is troublesome, as the photo without the overlap width is OK even coating of adhesive bonded to the inside section.

37, Paste the driving wheel truck parts.

38, Tracks are back-bonded to the table, wrap the.
While pulling the inner and outer circle followed by Paste.

39, I would loose outside, please come wrapped in some nails.

SD Gundam RX-75 Papercraft free download