SD FX-9900-D G-Bit D.O.M.E. Free Gundam Paper Model Download

SD FX-9900-D G-Bit D.O.M.E. Free Gundam Paper Model Download


SD FX-9900-D G-Bit D.O.M.E. Free Gundam Paper Model DownloadThis gundam paper model is a SD FX-9900-D G-Bit D.O.M.E., a series of Bit Mobile Suit used in the series After War Gundam X by D.O.M.E., the papercraft created by Toyoppe, and shared by mypapercraft. Modeled after the GX-Bit, the G-Bit D.O.M.E. was a bit mobile suit created by the United Nations Earth prior to the 7th Space War to protect the Moon base which contained the satellite system used to power the satellite cannons and the remnants of D.O.M.E., the first Newtype who was taken apart on a genetic level. The bits are under direct control of D.O.M.E. who can control them with his powerful Newtype powers. Even after the catastrophic end of the 7th Space War the bits continued to protect D.O.M.E. for 15 years, destroying or driving away anyone who tried to come near the station.

In AW 0015 leaders of the New United Nations Earth and Space Revolutionary Army tried to contact D.O.M.E. but he prevented any contact until a full scale space battle started to occur between the two forces. During the battle Newtype girl Tiffa Adill uses her powers to contact D.O.M.E. who then uses his bits to lead the leaders of both nations as well as the Vulture crew of the Freeden II to him to tell them the truth about Newtypes. At the same time the Frost Brothers are able to destroy all G-Bit D.O.M.E. units.

The main weapon of the D.O.M.E. Bits is the Satellite Cannon, which appears to be smaller than that of the FX-9900 GX-Bit. These cannons fire small bursts of energy and it has not been shown whether they can produce a powerful energy beam like the GX-Bits using the satellite system. Apart from the satellite cannon the Bits are armed with a large beam sword and, similar to the Gundam X, a chest-mounted vulcan gun and an optional shield buster rifle, which can be used either for offense or defense. [Source: wikia]


  • Large Beam Sword
A high power beam sword, stored in a rack on the backpack when not in use.
  • Satellite Cannon
A powerful shoulder-mounted weapon using a microwave beam from a remote source to charge. The G-Bit D.O.M.E.s fire small bursts of energy when using them.
  • Shield Buster Rifle
A weapon doubling as both a defensive shield and buster rifle, making it a versatile weapon.
  • Vulcan Gun
A light chest-mounted weapon primarily used for intercepting missiles and suppressive fire.

This SD Gundam papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 1 Gray
  • 1 Navy Blue
  • 1 Red
  • 3 White

You can download this gundam paper model here: SD FX-9900-D G-Bit D.O.M.E. Free Gundam Paper Model Download [mediafire]