SD Ford Crown Victoria Paper Car Free Download


SD Ford Crown Victoria Paper Car Free DownloadThis paper car is a Ford Crown Victoria in SD style, designed by GT40. The Ford Crown Victoria (or simply Crown Vic) is a rear-wheel drive full-size sedan marketed and manufactured from the 1992 to the 2012 model years over two generations. Discontinued in the 2012 model year, its final models had been in production since 1991 at Ford's St. Thomas Assembly plant. The Crown Victoria nameplate revived a nameplate used by Ford on a two-door model sold in the North American market during the mid-1950s.

The Crown Victoria shared the Ford Panther platform and major powertrain and suspension components with the Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis. Along with its rebadged Mercury and Lincoln variants, the Crown Victoria was the only full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger sedan having been built in North America and was popularly used in taxicab, fleet, and police service vehicles.

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