SCP-131 Eye Pods Free Papercrafts Download


SCP-131 Eye Pods Free Papercrafts DownloadHere are two cute paper toys, SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B (affectionately nicknamed the "Eye Pods" by personnel), a pair of teardrop-shaped creatures roughly 30 cm (1 ft) in height, with a single blue eye in the middle of their bodies, from The SCP Foundation (Special Containment Procedures). These two paper toys are created by Lazy Life. SCP-131-A is burnt orange in color while SCP-131-B is mustard yellow. At the base of each creature is a wheel-like protrusion which allows for locomotion, suggesting that the creatures may be biomechanical in origin. The subjects can move surprisingly fast, covering over 60 m (200 ft) in a matter of seconds. The subjects, however, lack a braking system, which has led to some rather spectacular, if not overly amusing, mishaps involving the creatures. The subjects have also shown the ability to climb sheer surfaces, and have gotten lost in the air vents on more than one occasion. More information at scp-wiki. You can download these papercraft toys here: SCP-131 Eye Pods Free Papercrafts Download