Satellite Papercraft: Tiros 1 Weather Satellite Free Download

Satellite Papercraft: Tiros 1 Weather Satellite Free Download


Satellite Papercraft: Tiros 1 Weather Satellite Free DownloadThis satellite papercraft is designed by Joy Cohn. TIROS I (or TIROS-1) was the first successful weather satellite, and the first of a series of Television Infrared Observation Satellites. It was launched by NASA and partners at 6:40 AM EST on April 1, 1960 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in the United States.

TIROS I was designed to test experimental techniques for taking television images of weather patterns from an almost circular orbit, at an altitude ranging from 435.5 miles (700.9 km) to 468.28 miles (753.62 km). Though operational for only 78 days, it was vastly more successful than Vanguard 2 in demonstrating that satellites were useful for surveying atmospheric conditions from space and in sending back 22,952 images.

TIROS I was 19 inches (0.48 m) tall and 42 inches (1.1 m) in diameter. Two television cameras were housed in the 270 pounds (120 kg) craft, along with two magnetic tape recorders which could be used to store photographs when the satellite was out of communications range. Power was supplied by onboard batteries, charged by 9200 solar cells.

Elgeet Optical, now known as Navitar, produced the optical system for the TIROS-1.The Elgeet Navitar 8mm F1.5 super wide angle lens, attached to a slow-scan camera device that took snapshots of the sky beneath it every 10 seconds. The camera and lens combination weighed only 4.5 pounds. With the wide angle lens, the camera provided a clear view of earth from space 750 miles away. The TIROS I and Tiros II prototype designed for ground testing, hangs in front of a mosaic of TIROS images at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The prototype includes the Elgeet Navitar lens, which protruding from the bottom of the satellite.

TIROS-1 was named an IEEE Milestone in 2010.

You can download this satellite paper model from here: Satellite Papercraft: Tiros 1 Weather Satellite Free Download