Sarajevo Sebilj Fountain Papercraft

Sarajevo Sebilj Fountain Papercraft


Sebilj PapercraftLocated in what's known as "The Old Town", the Sebilj sits like a mushroom in the middle of Bašcaršija - the oldest part of Sarajevo. The Sebilj fountain stands on a seven-sided stone foundation with the rest of the structure comprised mainly of intricately carved wooden panels.

Hundreds of pigeons and tourists flock to the Sebilj on a daily basis, local merchants and townsfolk call out to the tourists to sell cups of corn so they can feed the pigeons for good luck. Because of this, visitors often refer to it as "the pigeon square".

Legend has it that if you drink the water from the Sebilj, you will not be able to leave Sarajevo for a long time - I wonder why? Me, I always stick to bottled water wherever I travel.

Sarajevo Sebilj Fountain Papercraft

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