Sara Benincasa Paper People Free Paper Toy Download

Sara Benincasa Paper People Free Paper Toy Download


Sara Benincasa Paper People Free Paper Toy DownloadThis is Sara Benincasa, an American comedian, writer and radio talk show host, the paper craft was created by sally. Sara Benincasa was a citizen journalist for MTV covering the 2008 United States Presidential Election as part of MTV’s 2008 Emmy Award-winning Think campaign. In September 2008 she began producing a vlog in which she parodies the role of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

She is particularly attentive to Palin's Midwestern/Alaska accent. These vlogs were uploaded to Benincasa's Youtube profile, until a partnership with Huffington Post's humor site 23/6 was established and the vlogs were moved to the twentythreesix Youtube page. She has since also honed a parody of Minnesota Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmannin the same vein.

Benincasa formerly co-hosted the Cosmo Radio sex/relationship talk show "Get in Bed" on Sirius XM Satellite Radio until September 2010, when Sirius XM reduced the channel's programming schedule and let go several of the channel's hosts. She then started a podcast with Marcus Parks called "Sex and Other Human Activities" which features a sex questions segment that launched in February 2011. The September 19, 2012, episode, entitled "End of an Era," is described as, "Sara's final show on the old SAOHA."

Benincasa was featured on's BlogALog as a comedic blogger. Her last post on the SJ1000 blog was April 1, 2008, in which she suggested that followers missing her internet presence go to her official website, her Myspace page, her MTV Think profile, or her blog. Along with her blog, Benincasa filmed a series of interviews titled Tub Talk with Sara B. The series featured Benincasa in a bathtub with various comedic personalities, including Reggie Watts, Jonathan Ames, and Andy Borowitz. Benincasa has since revamped the web series on her YouTube account as Gettin' Wet with Sara Benincasa. Interviewees include Margaret Cho, Donald Glover, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and James Urbaniak.

In 2009, Benincasa developed a one-woman show about her experiences with agoraphobia and panic attacks. She has since sold the literary rights to Agorafabulous! to William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins.

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