Samurai Sentai Shinkenger - Origami Mecha Papercraft

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger - Origami Mecha Papercraft


Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Origami Mecha PapercraftI'll start this post by saying that there are no templates, yet ^^

So Toyoppe just finished his amazing Origami mecha papercrafts based on the newest Super SentaiSuper Sentai Series (superhero team) to hit Japan - Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The new show has a samurai theme to it and makes uses of elemental, animal, and kanji theme for each of the Shinkenger's powers.

The team fights demonic beings known as Gedoushu, who, just like the other 30+ Super Sentai series bad guys, is trying to take over the world. The Shinkenger each have their own mechanical sentient beasts known as Origami, they're like shikigami (familiar spirits). The Origami start out on Emblem Mode - about the size of your hand/fist. Then when it's time to fight, the Origami transform into animals or Animal Mode - they can grow as big as a building (mecha mode) so that the Shinkenger can pilot them. And when they need extra oomph, the Origami mechas transform into one giant mecha known as Shinkenoh (has 4 forms).

Here's a breakdown: Name - Color - Shape - Animal - Element/Weapon

Shishi Origami Mecha Papercraft

Shishi Origami Mecha - Red - Pentagon - Lion - Fire

Ryu Origami Mecha Papercraft

Ryu Origami Mecha - Blue - Hexagon - Dragon - Water

Kame Origami Mecha Papercraft

Kame Origami Mecha - Pink x Gray - Circle - Turtle - Wind

Kuma Origami Mecha Papercraft

Kuma Origami Mecha - Green - Octagon - Bear - Claws

Saru Origami Mecha Papercraft

Saru Origami Mecha - Yellow - Triangle - Monkey - Fist

I was impressed with these models so I posted it even without the templates, it's a long shot, but we'll try and see if we can convince Toyoppe to release them ^^

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Origami Mecha Papercraft
Official Toei Shinkenger Site [Japanese]

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