Samurai Jack Free Papercraft Download

Samurai Jack Free Papercraft Download


Samurai Jack Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Samurai Jack, the titular character and main protagonist of the American action-adventure chanbara animated series Samurai Jack, the paper model is created by Antyyy.

Jack strongly exhibits the characteristics of a stoic hero. He is unfailingly kind and generous, and will always attempt to help those in need, as well as dispatching sage like wisdom to those he believes are in need of guidance. He often ends up sacrificing a chance to return to his own time in order to help someone else. He is also clever and rational, able to pose a plan or a strategy necessary to defeat the enemy, and also knowing his limits. He is also extremely good at thinking on his feet, often improvising his way out of lethal situations.

However a running gag in the show is his inability or reluctance to understand the technology of the future, such as in one episode, Jack had attempted to escape Aku's fortress after rescuing two fairy like creatures by driving a hovercar, but he fails to operate it competently, claiming he prefers to walk. He is also quite good at keeping his wits about him when confronted with the outlandishly bizarre circumstances that he often finds himself in, simply rolling with the proverbial punches rather than becoming upset or baffled. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft template here: Samurai Jack Free Papercraft Download