Saiyuki Papercraft - House of Son Goku

Saiyuki Papercraft - House of Son Goku


Saiyuki Papercraft House of Son GokuNot to be confused with that other popular Son Goku from the Dragon Ball anime/manga, this Son Goku is a monkey king from the manga series, Saiyuki (aka Gensomaden Saiyuki).

I think this is the first time that Canon Creative Park has actually made a papercraft based on anime / manga. Can you remember any that I might have missed?

Saiyuki Papercraft House of Son Guku
To make the story short, Saiyuki revolves around four anti-heroes: a priest (Genjyo Sanzo), a demon slayer (Cho Hakkai), a half demon (Sha Gojyo), and the monkey king - Son Goku. They travel to India to stop the resurrection of the demon king, Gyumaoh. And on their way, they battle assassins, bad weather, and other villains intent on stopping them from achieving their goal.

Saiyuki Manga - House of Son Goku Papercraft

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