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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Hypnos Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Hypnos Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Hypnos, one of the antagonist deities featured in the universe of the Manga Saint Seiya, based on the manga / OVAs series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas of Saint Seiya, this paper craft was created by duver14. There is also a Thanatos Cube Craft Paper Toy on PapercraftSquare.

As in Greek mythology, he is the personification of sleep and slumber, and the twin brother of Thanatos, the Greek god who personifies death and mortality. In Kurumada's mythos, although he is a subordinate of Hades, the Emperor of the Darkness and ruler of the Underworld, he is a deity with all attributes, and as his lord, he is a sworn enemy of the protector goddess of the Earth, Athena. Kurumada introduced Hypnos in the final parts of the Hades arc of his manga, specifically in vol. 27, and his portrayal is similar to that of his Greek Mythology counterpart: Calm, calculating, and serene. Unlike his brother Thanatos, who is prone to lose his temper and act without any regard for consequences when influenced by rage, Kurumada's Hypnos remains calm and in control of himself even in the most critical situations. He is more cautious and thoughtful of strategy and consequence, never letting impudence or recklessness take over him. He is highly respectful of the authority of his lord, Hades.

Hypnos spent 243 years sealed in a box marked with the Seal of Athena, and only regained his freedom after the box was opened by a curiosity-driven 3 year-old Pandora, to whom both Thanatos and Hypnos announced that the resurrection of Hades was near, and that she would serve them henceforth. Afterward, both deities bestowed on Pandora the power to rule and command Hades' personal army, the fierce 108 Demon Stars, also known as Specters.

As described by the Pegasus Saint Pegasus Seiya when they first encountered, he is identical to his brother Thanatos, the only differences being Hypnos' golden eyes and hair, as opposed to Thanatos' silver. A strange looking star, identical to a Hexagram, is placed in his forehead.

Kurumada designed Hypnos likeness based in classical representations of the deity in Greek sculpture and art: a beautiful young man with a wing sprouting from the left side of his head, similarly as Thanatos was represented, one of the differences between both was Thanatos's wing, that sprouted from the opposite side. As Hypnos was often depicted surrounded by wings or feathers in Greek sculpture and art, Kurumada also included this motif in his design for his rendition of Hypnos, reflecting it mostly in his Surplice.

Hypnos dwelling place is the Elysion, and he spends most of his time there accompanied by scores of Nymphs, and his twin brother Thanatos, waiting to fulfill their lord Hades's bidding. In the same way as his brother Thanatos, Hypnos offered fierce opposition to the Saints of Athena, when they tried to rescue their goddess from certain death and stop Hades's Greatest Eclipse, which was meant to eradicate mankind.

Hypnos' divine power allows him to induce all kinds of living beings into deep slumber, and whether his victim reawakens or sleeps for eternity depends on his whim. Before his formal introduction in the anime adaptation, he was featured in the opening of the Inferno stage of the Hades arc episodes, standing next to his brother Thanatos, and overshadowed by Hades. His full appearance in the anime adaptation occurred in 2008, in the final episodes that adapt the last two volumes of the manga, in which his participation is contained, 16 years after Kurumada introduced him in the manga. From episode 142 and on, his silhouette in the opening of the anime adaptation revealed his features fully.

Hypnos' unleashes his Eternal Drowsiness, in a panel from the manga, vol.27. Drawing by the author Masami Kurumada.As the god of sleep, Hypnos main attribute is the ability to instantly induce any kind of living being into deep slumber. Being a deity, he wields the Big Will, or Divine Cosmo, in the same way as his twin brother, and Hades and Poseidon. His power also has effect on divine beings, as he was capable of forcing Athena into sleep to place her inside the Sacred Amphor of the Elysion, that would slowly kill her by sucking her blood.

Hypnos' ability is manifested through his special technique, the Eternal Drowsiness. His victim falls into a heavy slumber, and cannot reawaken unless it is Hypnos' will. The god of sleep will always utilize it to disable his victim, as he himself stated he hates violence and death. Even though the Eternal Drowsiness is a powerful technique, its effect can be reverted by the blood of a deity, as Hypnos stated in vol.28, after targeting Andromeda Shun with this attack. Also, its effect can be neutralized by a highly powerful Cosmo attack, as Cygnus Hyouga and Dragon Shiryuu discovered after resurrecting their Bronze Cloths as Divine Cloths, due to the influence of Athena's blood and charging their Cosmo up to the extreme.

As Hypnos added, aside from the mentioned effect of the Eternal Drowsiness, it is harmless for the victim, and it can be compared to a pleasant sleep.

You can download the paper craft toy here: Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Hypnos Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download