Saint Seiya - Pegasus Seiya Free Papercraft Download

Saint Seiya - Pegasus Seiya Free Papercraft Download


Saint Seiya - Pegasus Seiya Free Papercraft DownloadThis Pegasus Seiya papercraft is the Saint Seiya, a famous character. This paper craft is designed by Laul. Pegasus Seiya, also known as Seiya, is a fictional character from the Saint Seiya universe created by Masami Kurumada as the main protagonist of the media franchise, which originated in the eponymous manga written and illustrated by Kurumada, later adapted to anime, and subsequently inspiring soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles. Like most protagonists of Kurumada's works, his design for Seiya was inspired in the main character of his previous hit manga Ring ni Kakero, Takane Ryūji.

In the story, Seiya is one of the 88 mythical warriors that have served the goddess Athena during ages, protecting justice and peace on Earth, and are known as "Saints, the bringers of hope." As a Saint, Seiya dons one of the radiant and powerful armors of divine origins known as Cloths, his representing the constellation of Pegasus. He also possesses superhuman strength and speed, two of the many extraordinary abilities the Saints draw from their guardian constellations and an inner essence called Cosmo.

You can download this papercraft from here: Saint Seiya - Pegasus Seiya Free Papercraft Download


  1. Hi i want to download this file, i tried from the Laul but i don't know what happen, don't start pepakura. Could you uploaded Please! I need it to a future proyect of human size cloth. Please&Thanks

    • Hi, I checked download links and files, they work!
      I also sent them to you via email, please open the pdo file with Pepakura Viewer!!!!!! Not Pepakura Designer!!!!