Saint Seiya - Lionet Soma's Headband Free Paper Craft Download

Saint Seiya - Lionet Soma's Headband Free Paper Craft Download


Saint Seiya - Lionet Soma's Headband Free Paper Craft DownloadThis  papercraft is the Lionet Soma's headband, created by tv-asahi. Lionet Soma is the Bronze Saint in the constellation Leo Minor in Saint Seiya Omega. His element is fire.

Soma is a 14 year-old boy, Kōga's best friend and trusted partner. Sōma is also emotional and prone to lose his temper, he commands the element of Fire. His name means Blue Mark in Japanese.

Soma became Knight after suffering a trauma family: His father, the Southern Cross Saint , was killed by a mysterious subject of Mars while trying to defend his wife, also killed in the attack. These events still haunt the mind of Soma to the present.

After the second fight between Athena and Mars , Soma is sent by the Palestra to investigate the killing. On the way, is Kouga, who is looking for Saori, and after a brief confrontation end up becoming friends. After completing your search, then decides to take him to the Palaestra to ask about the whereabouts of Athena, but on the way end up being attacked by the Mantis Ordykia .

Oldykia uses its control of darkness to hide during the fight, but Soma manages to defeat him when Kouga uses the element of light and becomes visible again. The two go to the Palaestra, where Kouga enrolls.

Soma can qualify for the tournament after successfully meeting the challenge of Cosmo Delta, despite being ambushed by a rival yours,

Dorado Spear, and almost drowned. The pair can reach the top of the hill after crossing an ice barrier broken by Cosmo Sum, who exhausted, must be supported by Kouga.

During the tournament, Soma defeated his first opponent, but is badly injured in combat. His next fight is against Pegasus Kōga and both get tied Soma win the leadership battle and almost beat him with Fire Burning Lionet more ends up being defeated by Pegasus Ryuseiken of Kouga.

You can download this paper craft here: Saint Seiya - Lionet Soma's Headband Free Paper Craft Download

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