Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Scorpio Milo Helmet Free Papercraft Download

Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Scorpio Milo Helmet Free Papercraft Download


Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Scorpio Milo Helmet Free Papercraft DownloadThis life size papercraft is the helmet of the Gold Saint Scorpio Milo, based on the anime , the paper model was created by Juke. There are also Capricorn Shura Helmet, Cancer Shiller, Leo Aiolia Helmet and Taurus Aldebaran Helmet Papercraft at the site.

Scorpio Milo is a close friend of Camus He is very proud of the reputation of the Gold Saints as a group and extremely loyal to Sanctuary. It first appears when Leo Aiolia fight against Lithos father, Milo crosses Virgo's house to protect Leo was left unprotected, but not to meet with Aioria precisely. After the meeting appears in Golden where he discusses with other saints on Aioria. Appear much later, to protect Aioria when resting after the fight against the Titan , although not like the idea at all. There he faces Hector , a hero of the Trojan War revived by Pontos , Milo manages to overcome without major problems with his Scarlet Needle.

During the battle againstKronos , the Titan releases three giants: Hoplisma nephritis and Margarites Drakon. One of the beasts attacks Aioria but Taurus Aldebaran protects Leo. The beast attacks with fire Aioria Aldebaran who protects and sacrifice his body for the attack, but Shura destroys the attack with his Excallibur . The dragon's attacks with needles of water but Aquarius Camus saves with Diamond Dust and the giant Nephritis attacks and seems to be the end of them and this time Virgo Shaka saves.

Milo attacks giants and that causes the three giants are released on them asks Aioria and Aldebaran launch it on them. Aldebaran throws Aioria who uses his Lightning Voltage to fulfill the promise he made ​​to Kronos and Hyperion. Cronos  see Aioria to achieve and teases Leo's wishes.

For a change we have a discussion on the grounds of both Milo do to protect the earth and Camus by Athena and his comrades, after a talk is ready for battle against Margarites Drakon. Milo attacks the giant but he defends his deadly breath. Milo protects camus the attack and noted that the speed of this beast is amazing. Camus has discovered that in fact the magic dragon is protected by creating a barrier. Camus creates a plan to break that barrier Milo with his Scarlet Needle, Camus trust best friend.

The dragon attacks Camus with a ball immense water pressure. Camus defends the beast attacks but also Milo. Camus stops the attack with Ice Coffin. The beast still continued its deadly offensive and Camus freezes its dunamis to protect Milo who attack with stylus withcosmos raised to the maximum. Milo attacks with his Scarlet Needle Antares followed. Without suspecting what Camus dragon attacks him with his Aurora Execution. And after freezing destroys Milo definitely.

You can download this papercraft model here: Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Scorpio Milo Helmet Free Papercraft Download [Box] [Gavitex]