Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Capricorn Shura Helmet Free Papercraft Download

Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Capricorn Shura Helmet Free Papercraft Download


Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Capricorn Shura Helmet Free Papercraft DownloadThis life size papercraft is the helmet of the Gold Saint Capricorn Shura, based on the anime , the paper model was created by Juke. There are also Cancer Shiller, Leo Aiolia Helmet and Taurus Aldebaran Helmet Papercraft at the site.

Capricorn Shura reconciles the previous versions of the character found in Kurumada's manga and the Anime. In Episode G, Shura is a very loyal Gold Saint, but when he uncovers the truth about Sagittarius Aiolos' innocence and confronts the False Pope about it, he falls under the effect of Saga's "Illusion Demon Emperor's Fist", a technique that controls the mind of its victim.

Then Shura would face Phaios Spathe and he was about to defeat the enemy is killed by Krios the Astros. Shura has a tough fight with the Titan and at a time that would be devastated by one of the attacks begins to take effect and achieves the Maōken Genro an impressive run Excalibur in X. In the distance, the bright side Saga commands his evil counterpart to free Shura effect, to what other half ends up accepting. Shura raises his cosmos and achieves full halve the divine sword raised, who admits defeat and leaves.

Later Shura and Leo Aiolia helps protecting the Berbus Thalenton of Themis and even tries to maintain a fight with the goddess, but both Saint had died but for the intervention of Taurus Aldebaran.

Shura is teleported to the Labyrinth of Cronos by Aries Mu, with Aries considers Saints Aioria friends in the maze again facing the Astros Crio, Crio causing use his real sword and shield. Stars in a Gaiden Shura where it is seen easily destroying Chronos soldiers. Shura is the only Gold Saint that does not help defeat a Titan.

Later Shura meets with other Gold Saints in the Labyrinth, helping Aioria in fighting  Hyperion , but Leo refuses all help and decides to fight himself. Shura again intervene in the fight against Kronos , King of the Titans star calls his three companions, makes these stars rotate and show their true form: Nefritishoplisma, Electronteru. and Megaritesdracon.

Shura and Taurus Aldebaran face to Mythological Giant Hoplisma nephritis. Taurus intends Shura to concentrate its cosmos to use Excalibur against deity while he distracts him, so resist Aldebaran says Giant's five attacks. Aldebaran uses his arms to hit nephritis, but apparently invulnerable armor does, but also quite fast they could dodge the attack Great Horn of Aldebaran, one of the fastest we have Taurus Gold Saints stoically resists even Pelekus Dunnamis supports that as the Giant, has all the power of a God, everything to concentrate all his cosmos Shura. In the end, Shura is ready to attack and reveals the giant Aldebaran with his Great Horn showed that Jade Armor no longer a fortress, then launches Excalibur bringing the game ends and giant dies.

You can download this papercraft model here: Saint Seiya - Gold Saint Capricorn Shura Helmet Free Papercraft Download