Saint Seiya - Atena Free Paper Craft Download

Saint Seiya - Atena Free Paper Craft Download


Saint Seiya - Atena Free Paper Craft DownloadThis Saint Seiya papercraft is the Atena, created by Lestat Pendragon. The Greek goddess Athena is one of the main characters in the Saint Seiya series, a manga authored by Masami Kurumada, which was later adapted to anime and originated three other spin-off manga.

Kurumada created her character based on the Greek goddess of the same name. As in classical mythology, Athena is the goddess of Wisdom and Justice, daughter of Zeus and sister of Artemis and Apollo. In Kurumada's story, she is reborn on Earth every 250 years, when evil threatens the world, to protect it, restore peace and bring hope. To do so, she counts on the assistance of an army of eighty-eight youths of great strength and courage, whose fists rend the skies and whose kicks split the earth, who don powerful armors called Cloths and who are known as the Saints of Athena. Athena is also the goddess of Battle, but she does not believe in conquest and fights only defensive wars. She hates weapons and thus only allows her Saints to battle using their bodies and Cloths. The only Saint allowed to wield weapons is the Libra Gold Saint. She has opposed the ambitions of other deities since the age of myth in Greece, earning herself the rejection of the other Olympian gods. She has especially had a long-standing conflict with the god of the Underworld, Hades.

During her twentieth century incarnation she uses the name Saori Kido as her civilian identity. In the English-language version of the Saint Seiya manga and anime she is known as Princess Sienna.

Athena was introduced by Masami Kurumada in chapter 1 of his manga, Saint Seiya, as the mythical Greek goddess, and then in chapter 3 of the first volume as Saori Kido, the head of the Graude Foundation, an extremely beautiful young woman, who radiates elegance, wisdom and serenity, and who is followed and protected by her dedicated Saints. In the anime adaptation, she appears in episode 1, initially unaware of her divine nature. She also appears in several other related works, such as a sequel, five films, video games and two manga by different authors. Spin-off series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, written and drawn by Shiori Teshirogi, introduces an alternate eighteenth century incarnation of Athena named Sasha, an orphan from a small village of Italy who is adopted by the Sanctuary, the home and training ground of the Saints. The incarnation of Athena in the fifteenth century also appears briefly, partaking in the holy war of that era. Teshirogi refers to her as "The previous Athena".

As Saori, she is the head of the Graude Foundation and has been ever since Mitsumasa Kido's death. Before coming to know she was Athena, she was regarded as a successful businesswoman by the media of the world, with an interest in horseback-riding and playing the piano. As a deity, Athena has capabilities that surpass those of humans. She is a simple young woman, untrained for battle, but her Cosmo is immense. She is a being of compassion and love, and she will endure pain and show unfailing courage and persistence to protect Earth and its living creatures.

Athena's attributes include Nike, the goddess of victory, represented as a golden staff she holds in her right hand and which can be used as a weapon, and the Ægis shield, which is impervious to any kind of attack and can eliminate all evil. She also owns a powerful Divine Cloth, which is superior to all categories of Cloths worn by Saints. When it is not worn by Athena, her Cloth transforms into the giant statue in her image that lies beyond Athena's Chamber, at Sanctuary. To revive it, it is necessary to spill Athena's blood on it, as shown by Kurumada in the Hades arc.

Athena has exhibited great mastery of her Cosmo. In both the manga and anime adaptations, several techniques have been revealed: healing auras, defensive shields, teleportation, the Seal of Athena and Misopethamenos, a divine gift bestowed upon Libra Dohko that slows his heartbeat and grants him great longevity. Athena's Cosmo is also awakened to the Eight Sense; thus she is able to descend to the underworld without being subject to its laws.

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