Saint Saiya - Gemini Saga Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Saint Saiya - Gemini Saga Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Saint Saiya - Gemini Saga Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Gemini Saga, based on the anime / mange series "Saint Saiya". The cube paper toy is designed by blackignus. Saga disguised himself as the Pope and was the first Gold Saint that Masami Kurumada introduced in his manga along with Leo Aiolia, although their rank wasn't revealed until later volumes. In his first appearance, Saga presided the event in which Pegasus Seiya acquired the status of Saint. In the anime adaptation, he was introduced in identical manner, in episode 1.

Saga managed to treacherously put himself in control of the Sanctuary for many years after killing Pope Shion, the original Grand Pope of Sanctuary by stealing his identity.

Saga is often described by other characters as someone with the kindness of an angel but with the darkness of a demon. This ambivalence ended up creating a split personality: a good Saga that was extremely loyal to Athena and an evil one that keeps control of the body most of the time and killed the previous Pope to steal his place. When it takes control of Saga's body, his hair turns from blond to jet-black. Saga's two "sides", can also communicate between them : in a dialogue the good Saga reproaches his evil "side" to have forced him to hurt Athena.

Saga appears from the prologue, where Cronos delivered the golden dagger with which to kill Athena but was&nbsp discovered by Sagittarius Aiolos. Years later, he appears as Patriarch, apparently under the command of Pontos trying to kill Leo Aiolia . After Virgo Shaka feel a cosmic evil, which is owned by Galan. At the same meeting, Leo Aiolia is sent to fight against Hyperion Darkness that was attacking the shrine. Then he explained to the other Gold Saints that the Titans have begun to take over the Megas Drepanon and are attempting to resurrect the great god Cronos. Later Capricorn Shura comes with a question to the Patriarch and Saga reveals his true identity, which causes the saint of Capricorn to attack him for killing the true patriarch. But Saga wins the fight and manages to control the heart of Shura using the Genro Maōken.

After Leo Aiolia defeated CEO, Saga is thinking when he is discovered by Cancer Deathmask . But the Holy Cancer decides to continue being faithful as long as Saga create a world of justice, which in turn is based on force.

When the resurrection of Cronos is imminent, as Patriarch Saga commanded all Gold Saints to stay in their homes and not leave for any reason. The great god arrives at the statue of Athena and is about to destroy it when he is stopped by Saga. Saga is now under the influence of his benign half and has a fight with Cronos, and although he is badly wounded, he does not give up and is on the verge of killing Cronos with the same dagger that he himself gave . But surprisingly he is controlled again by his evil side and allows Cronos free passage to stay in the Megas Drepanon. Saga was chosen by Cronos and by fate, as the first destroyer of the human future.

Saga posed as the real Patriarch Sanctuary for thirteen years. When he learned that the Sagittarius Gold Cloth was in Japan sent Ikki Docrates and then to recover, regaining nearly all less than the hull. When he heard he told his subordinate Gigars come back to try to recover it. Gigars notice for it to Gesit and their Saints on the recommendation of Shaina Depths of Ophicus. Geist only temporarily regained the town dying in the attempt to defend Pegasus Seiya. When Saga learns Gigars pities and gives another opportunity to send someone to retrieve it.

Saga gives the order to send several Silver Saints to the hull, but all end in failure. Saga ordered to kidnap Saori but also the mission fails. Later he learns that Ikki of Phoenix returns to the Death Queen Island and orders of the Black Saints, who were banished renegade saints on the island, to kill Ikki.

Saga himself causes the explosion and destruction of the island, when Ikki, Seiya, Shun and Hyoga are there, but are saved by Athena before it exploded. Saga ordered by sending someone to the mountains Mu Jamir to help find the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius who had returned to disappear.

Learning that Arachne Tarantula, sent to the mountains of Jamir, had perished, he decides to call the Gold Saint Scorpio Milo. Saga Milo orders to go to Japan to kill the Bronze Saints. Milo refuses in principle given the honor of Santo Gold to fight one who thinks she is inferior to him.

Saga says that they may have in his possession the Sagittarius Gold Cloth desparecida Sanctuary for 13 years, and there are 2 Gold Saints fled the Sanctuary that could help them, Libra and Aries.

Milo finally agrees to go to Japan to kill the Bronze Saints. Then comes Aioria to ask Leo Saga let him go in the place of Milo, get permission. Saga explains to Milo that sends in place that is the brother of Gold Saint Sagittarius Aiolos, the "traitor" of Athena, and seek to "clear his honor."

Saga also sends Cancer Death Mask to kill the old master Dohko of Libra, but fails due to the intervention of Dragon Shiryu and Aries Mu. Also sent to Milo of Scorpio to the Isle of Andromeda to end the island's master, Cepheus Albiore he defeated with the help of Pisces Aphrodite secret.

Saga gets a letter from Saori telling of his visit to the Shrine, and Saga  prepared a deadly trap. Saga welcomes Leo Aioria who would return without question because the Sagittarius Gold Cloth and without killing your enemy. This, however, says that Athena wants to see what Saga says it is impossible. Prepares to challenge him Aioria to get it, then Saga called traitor like his brother Aiolos. Aioria Saga tells that Athena told in Japan. When Saga realizes that he knows the truth Aioria attacks and breaks down at once. Then both attack each other but are interrupted by Virgo Shaka. Saga Shaka orders Aioria kill, and in the midst of the battle between them when he was distracted Aioria Satan attacks the Imperial, controlling his mind and ordering him to kill the Bronze Saints when passing the Temple of Leon.

At the foot of the Shrine Saga trap effect as the Silver Ghost Sagitta Ptolemy stabs him with a golden arrow in the chest to kill Athena that in twelve hours, and Ptolemy explains that only the Patriarch knows how to remove it .

Gemini Cloth is the cloth of the Saints Saga and Kanon in Saint Seiya, Defteros and Aspros in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas and Cain and Abel in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. It is one of the highest-class clothes that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Clothes.

Gemini Gold ClothSaga intervenes when Pegasus Seiya reaches the Temple of the twins with his cosmo creating a maze of light and shadow to Seiya can not find the exit of the Temple. Then when Dragon Shiryu, Hyoga of Cygnus and Andromeda Shun reach the entrance of the Temple, Seiya he had come out to his surprise, found with them.

They decide to get together in the temple, but return to being a victim of maze of lights and shadows projected by Saga from the House of Pope. When they believe to have found out, actually returned to the entrance. Saga increases their enthusiasm and makes them see two houses instead of one. Decide to split into two groups, Hyoga and Shun on one side and Shiryu Seiya and on the other. Then the illusion of Saint Gemini Saga projected, with the Gemini Gold Cloth is filed Hyoga and Shun.

Hyoga attacks the illusion with Diamond Dust, but the attack is returned against them. Hyoga returns to attack with the Aurora Thunder Attack, despite the reluctance of Shun, but is again turned against them. While Seiya and Shiryu are another illusion of the Holy of Gemini, but Shiryu says not feel his presence.

When Seiya is about to attack is slowed by Shiryu and tells him the Holy Gemini Gold is not there. Shiryu says he feels as if someone projected in its cosmo there. He also says he sees no obstacle and knows where the exit. Shiryu Seiya grabs and runs off dragging him by force, believed to be lost Seiya believing that went against the Gold Saint of Gemini, but finally ended up leaving the Temple of the Twins.

Saga admits his mistake in not having the blindness of Shiryu and Hyoga and decides to end Shun. After receiving his Hyoga own coup collapses, but Shun gets up. Shun illusion attacks the Andromeda chain but the chain collapses before touching. Shun will be feeling that way the defense attacked Andromeda nebula, forming circles on the floor.

Shun challenges you to come into the circle, but when he does not think of anything. Shun thought that Ghost does not really exist. Then the illusion Saga attacks him with Another Dimension. Shun gets through chains fastened to the pillars of the house, but Hyoga ejected into another dimension.

Then the illusion repeats the attack of Another Dimension, but Shun returns to stand by its chain. The illusion will break one end of the chain closer to letting fall in his attack. When someone breaks the other end to make him lose concentration Saga and stops sending his cosmo to the Temple of the Twins Shun avoiding falling into another dimension.

Saga wonders who will be able to do it, discarding it to Athena, Aries Mu, Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Aldebaran in Taurus and Libra Dohko. Ikki eventually discovers that Phoenix is ​​from the Isle of Canon. Saga returns to project the illusion of the Temple of the Twins when Shun was still there.

The illusion asks Shun because he left when he was on time, and Shun says he could not leave to wander Hyoga another dimension. This attack again with Another Dimension, although getting Shun reacting ends unite the broken parts of your chain. Shun then attacks the illusion with Thunder Wave, introducing it through the hull.

Andromeda chain reaches through space and launch an attack {C}interdimensional against Saga that was in the Chamber of the Patriarch. The good part of the spirit of Saga starts talking to its bad to say he fought to defend the Temple of the Twins but Shun won and could not stop to deny the result of a fight, to which finally the bad part of Saga allowing access Shun could happen.

Reappears while taking a bath Bronze Saints struggled in the Temple of the Maiden against Virgo Shaka. Saga is not believed to have Bronze Saints come to this temple, but hoped to stop them Shaka.

Reappears when the Sagittarius Gold Cloth back to Sanctuary, entrándole doubts about whether Sagittarius Aiolos still lives on. Then has a nightmare believing Gold Saints turned against him rather than defend. And then he thinks he sees Athena and Aiolos coming to the Chamber of the Patriarch to kill him.

Reappears after learning that Aiolos had left a will in the Temple of the Centaur, and just after breaking a glass in her hand, orders of Capricorn Shura kill the Bronze Saints were about to reach the Temple of the Goat Mountains

Later Aquarius Camus curses about losing his fight against Cygnus Hyoga and give way to Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun. It also recounts all that has happened so far and can not help but have doubts about the outcome of the battle, but trust Pisces Aphrodite Gold the last saint was left to defend.

When Shun collapses after receiving the Bloody Rose of Aphrodite Saga create secure victory. Shortly after Pegasus Seiya reaches the House of Grand Patriarch and Saga takes off the mask he always wore revealing his face. In those moments Saga had blue hair, his personality well.

Seiya Saga congratulated for getting there, but Seiya runs into the to hit. Saga says he can not take the arrow to Athena. Seiya says he has been told that was all I could take it. Seiya strikes again with the Pegasus Meteor but Saga does not move.

Saga then gets to mourn, and explains to Seiya that Athena is the shield which can save if you target in the direction to where it is Athena. But at that moment Saga begins to have a personality change to regain the evil personality and attacks Seiya.

Saga believes that if he beats Athena and recover his scepter, Nike Goddess of Victory, and with the Shield of Athena could challenge the Gods. Seiya gets up and attacks him with the Pegasus Meteor, breaking Saga clothes. Then Saga brings back the Cloth of Gold Cloth Gemini, to the surprise of Seiya.

Saga Seiya attacks with Another Dimension good personality but then intervenes Saga interrupting the attack and saving Seiya. But the evil personality continues to dominate his body, and Saga decides that if you can not kill you then deprive him of the five senses and begins to Seiya remove them one by one.

Seiya then re-projecting a huge lift cosmo and attacks with his Pegasus Ryu Saga Sei Ken, initially Saga manages to arrest but when they end up gaining speed and power thrown him. But Saga gets up and hits Seiya, and when you have to top it reacts and grabs Seiya, attacking him with his Pegasus Rolling Crash.

Both impact on the ground, but Saga stands unhurt and is about to beat Seiya, but the faces of the hull of the Gold Cloth of Gemini began to mourn. Saga says it is the only one who can protect this world from the invasion of other gods such as Zeus, Hades and Poseidon and whoever stands in their way must die. Seiya gets up and says that he will die then punches him knocking him Saga and Seiya destroying the helmet.

When I went to finish off Seiya appears Ikki Phoenix stabbing several feathers in his hand and frenándole. Saga believed him dead but also has to fight against. Seiya gets up and goes to the altar of Athena but Saga attacked, but Ikki gets through to protect you.

Saga Ikki attacks but can not touch him, then it attacks you with Another Dimension, but Ikki gets back from there and to stamp Saga attacks against a pillar. Saga decided to end the fighting as soon as possible Ikki to go against this breaks down Seiya and the Chamber of the Patriarch Ikki getting caught under the rubble after providing a blow in the stomach.

After running out to the Temple of Athena, and once there Seiya has taken the Shield of Athena being arranged to guide the direction of Athena and just when it leaves the projected light shield hits Seiya Saga desestabilizándole.

The light shield goes in multiple directions giving one of them on Athena saved her by removing the golden arrow that was stuck in the chest. Saga believes in principle that has expired, but the distance is a divine light that tells that Athena was alive.

Then start attacking Saga Seiya who is unable to defend himself, and he is about to finish him Ikki appears to protect Seiya. Saga Ikki attacks Burning Wings of the Phoenix, but avoids Saga and begins to beat Ikki destroying his armor, taking away the five senses and thrown him a large number of strokes.

When you want to finish off Ikki Athena comes along with the rest of the Bronze Saints and saints who survived Golden. Saga can not believe that Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun continue living, and together the three Saga attack, but their attacks do not hurt anyone and then are returned to them, knocking them down.

Saga challenges the five saints pray that no disclosure against. But then they get up Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki to join cosmos to attack Seiya Saga. Force of the attack remained Seiya's armor explodes and because of the power stroke Saga ejected skyward.

When all are defeated by this fall from the sky. Then the Golden Knights are put into position to attack him, but Athena intervenes and then Saga decides to fight it. When he lunges at Athena Gold Cloth Gemini leaves him willingly.

Saga launches against Athena nevertheless, good personality and then rises again Saga controlling one arm with which he grasps the scepter of Athena, piercing his chest. At that moment the mind is purified Saga fully back its good, but had received a mortal blow, soon dies in the arms of Athena after asking forgiveness for all.

You can download this Saint Saiya cube papercraft from here: Saint Saiya - Gemini Saga Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download