Saint Saiya - Dubhe Alpha Siegfried Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Saint Saiya - Dubhe Alpha Siegfried Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Saint Saiya - Dubhe Alpha Siegfried Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Dubhe Alpha Siegfried, based on the anime / mange series ““. The cube paper toy is designed by blackignus. Sigfried of Dubhe, Alpha Star is one of the seven gods of Asgard Warriors of Saint Seiya of Masami Kurumada.

He is said to be the strongest warrior among the God Warriors and the second in command after Hilda. He is very loyal to Hilda and seems to harbor deeper feelings for her. In the beginning, he does not believe the Saints when they tell him that Hilda is being controlled by the Niebelungen Ring. However, after Poseidon's Sea General Siren Sorento arrived and told the truth, he switched sides and sacrificed himself to kill Siren Sorento.

Prior to that position, he lived in the palace Valhalla with Hagen, Flare and Hilda, being the latter's personal guard, who said he would continue to protect and Hell itself if necessary. He always had doubts about the battle against the Sanctuary and Athena, and she felt a great change in the attitude of Hilda, however, was unwilling to disobey, because he owed loyalty and strong feelings he had towards her. Siegfried is chosen as Warrior God Dubhe and represents the Alpha Star, in Ursa Major. He receives his Man Sacred to a mountain of Asgard, as it was inside.

His first appearance is when he and Hilda and their companions, are presented against Saori and Bronze Saints, where his Cosmos begins to rival that of Seiya.

Reappears in the palace Valhalla, near the Statue of Odin, God is the only one left alive Guerrero and the last obstacle to save Athena and Hilda. Seiya is the first to come before him, but his attacks are useless, and that Siegfried has inherited the immortality of the Legendary Hero, becoming immune to shock. After that, the Warrior God Odin counters with his sword and easily defeat Pegasus. Robes of Fafnir God of Alpha Dubhe The next to arrive are Ikki, Hyoga and Shun. The Phoenix is ​​the one who faces a small fight, proving his great power and speed, however, the superiority of God is overwhelming and Guerrero St. Bronze falls up quickly. Seeing the defeat of his brother, Shun tries to protect, along with Hyoga, but even the strong defense of the Chain of Andromeda, prevents them from being affected by the Odin Sword of Siegfried, defeated both falling too.

After the fall of their companions, Seiya is the one who gets up again. Seeing the determination in his opponent, the Warrior God uses his most powerful technique against him, but Shaina stands and both are part of the impact, all in the eyes of a newcomer Shiryu. The last remaining Holy Bronze begins to fight, but his attacks are also canceled by the barrier of Siegfried. However, to detect the weakness of his adversary, which is similar to yours, as his left fist drops for a moment leaving his heart bare. This weak spot was the same as it had the Legendary Hero, because your body after bathing in the blood of Fafnir, a leaf fell on his back, at the height of the heart, leaving that place unprotected, in which it was attacked and later killed. Dando and his mission terminated, Shiryu falls seriously hurt by the continuing attacks received, leaving the responsibility to beat Pegasus Siegfried.

Seeing the effort of the Dragon, rejoining and exchange Seiya punches with the God Warrior, but despite being beaten in the heart, it remains standing, while the Pegasus is wounded and exhausted. The defeat of the shrine seems safe, but thanks to the Cosmos of Athena and her friends, Seiya gets up again and launched a last attack, beating Siegfried and hitting hard on the heart.

Everything seems to be over, but the arrival of Sorrento, a Marine General Poseidon, complicates matters. After understanding that Hilda was manipulated by the God of the Seas, to bring the battle against the sanctuary, a dying Siegfried started his own to give to Odin Sapphire Seiya, hoping that would achieve victory. While still weak, the Warrior God is ready to continue fighting, but not even break the eardrums serves to nullify the melody of his enemy. Finally, in a suicide attack, get caught in Sorrento to rise to the Star Alpha and die together, saying goodbye to Hilda, Asgard and willing to meet with their fallen comrades. Later it was discovered that his sacrifice was in vain, as the General Marino managed to escape before they disappeared into space.

You can download this Saint Saiya cube papercraft from here: Saint Saiya - Dubhe Alpha Siegfried Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download