Saint Saiya - Cancer Deathmask Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Saint Saiya - Cancer Deathmask Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Saint Saiya - Cancer Deathmask Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Cancer Deathmask, based on the anime / mange series ““. The cube paper toy is designed by blackignus. Cancer Deathmask is one of Gold Saints. He is the most vicious and cruel in comparison to all of them. His constellation is Cancer and initially was a guardian of Sanctuary alongside 11 other Gold Saints.

Deathmask was one of the first Gold Saints to be shown in both manga and the anime adaptation. Since his first appearance, he was depicted as a very sadistic and malevolent man who used his power as he wanted without bending to Athena's will. Deathmask covers his temple with the faces of his fallen victims - warriors and civilian men, women and even innocent children. Deathmask is one the few Saints who knows the truth about the Pope and the Gemini Saint, along with Pisces Aphrodite, but he continues obeying his orders. He believes that justice is not a real concept and is just a name given to the will of the stronger, since those with power can force their wills on the weak and call it fair. Even after joining sides with Hades, Deathmask remains a diabolic, sadistic person, facing Aries Mu and Pegasus Seiya without showing remorse and even attempting to kill the latter. In the US version his name was changed to Mephisto. It is unknown if Deathmask is his real name or a title since he collects the faces of his victims.

Deathmask first appeared in Rozan Peaks. He was there to reclaim the Libra Gold cloth from Dohko and to kill him under the order of Pope Ares (or Gemini Saga). Before he could reclaim the Gold Cloth and harm Dokho, Shiryu stepped in and challenged him. Although Shiryu was a strong saint, he was no match to a Gold Saint. The battle between Deathmask and Shiryu came to a halt when Mu, the Gold Saint of Aries, stepped in. He told Deathmask that he will not allow anyone to harm Shiryu because Shiryu is his friend. Seeing the fact that facing two Gold Saints is a huge disadvantage, Deathmask decided to retreat. Although Shiryu was not able to defeat Deathmask, he did prove to his master and to himself that he could still battle as a Bronze Saint even if he was blind. After this incident, Shiryu rejoined Seiya and the others as Bronze Saint of Dragon after the long hiatus. He would face Deathmask once again at the Temple of Cancer in the Sanctuary.

Shiryu faced Deathmask for the second time when he and Seiya reached his temple in the Sanctuary. When the two Bronze Saints arrived, they were surprised to see so many masks on the walls of the temple, even those of children.

Suddenly, Deathmask appeared, and explained that these masks are the faces of the "enemies of justice" he has defeated as well as the innocent victims that were caught in the fire while he was "dealing justice", and finished by saying that he intended to add them both to his collection. Shiryu told Seiya to go ahead to the Temple of Leo while he finishes the business between him and Deathmask; to make this possible, Shiryu attacked Deathmask first, and Seiya jumped over Deathmask's head to get away.

When the battle began, it was obvious that Deathmask had the upperhand. Not only was he a Gold Saint, he also observed Shiryu's attack before at the Rozan Peaks. Using his technique, he sent Shiryu to the gate of hell. There, he tortured Shiryu to his own pleasure.

After he felt satisfied, he tried to throw Shiryu into the death hole, a pit of hell. However, he was interrupted by the prayers of Shiryu's sworn friend, Shunrei. Angered, he uses his telekinesis to throw Shunrei off the cliff in the Five Old Peaks. Angered for his friend's apparent death, Shiryu started to fight back, swearing that he'd kill Deathmask.

During the fight, Shiryu was again almost thrown into the death hole, and again Deathmask tried to torture him. Shiryu, in turn, smashed Deathmask's ankle to defend himself. Deathmask laughed and told him that it was useless because he was protected by the Gold Cloth. Yet, to his shock, his ankle's armor suddenly disintegrated. Then, piece by piece, his entire cloth left his body. Obviously, the Gold Cloth of Cancer abandoned him due to his evil deeds and more importantly, because he completely forgot what true meaning of justice was.

Wanting to preserve his honor and defeat Deathmask in a fair match, Shiryu took off his Bronze cloth. Using his seventh sense, he defeated the evil Gold Saint by throwing him into the pit of hell with his rising dragon blow.

Cancer Cloth is the cloth of the Saint Deathmask in Saint Seiya and Manigoldo and Sage in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas. It is one of the highest-class clothes that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Clothes. Cancer Gold ClothCancer Deathmask is one of the few people who know of Saga's true nature and his disguise as the Pope, yet he remains loyal to him since Saga's beliefs mirror his own. He believes firmly that power defines what is just and that only with a ruthless iron will can the world be at peace.He is proud to be evil and not afraid to admit it. Rude, cunning and violent by nature, he will not hesitate to play dirty or mercilessly kill women, children, the aged or the diseased to reach his goal. He considers each kill a trophy of his greatness and thus fills the Temple of Cancer with his victim's death masks, a practice which earned him his name. While most consider the echoes of the dead in his Temple horrifying, Deathmask finds them pleasant.

Deathmask does not care to hide his scorn towards Aiolia and his brother. As a result, the two strongly dislike each other. At one point, the two of them fight, despite it being forbidden for Gold Saints to do so. Later, during the Giants' assault on Sanctuary, he defeats Kyanos Pyrokus with his single fighting technique, the "Praesepe Underworld Waves.

You can download this Saint Saiya cube papercraft from here: Saint Saiya - Cancer Deathmask Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download