Saint Saiya - Aquarius Camus Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Saint Saiya - Aquarius Camus Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Saint Saiya - Aquarius Camus Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Cancer Deathmask, based on the anime / mange series ““. The cube paper toy is designed by blackignus. Aquarius Camus is one of Athena Gold Saint.

He is a Gold Saint, guardian of the temple of Aquarius, and also Cygnus Hyoga and Kraken Isaac's master in manga. In the anime, he was the master of the Crystal Saint, who was Hyoga and Isaac's master. Camus is a cold looking Saint, since he believes the Gold Saint, as the strongest among Athena's guards, should never show exasperation or it would draw the people into despair. In the manga, he reveals that he actually knew that the Pope wasn't working under Athena's will, but he still kept working under his orders to fulfill his role as the Aquarius Gold Saint. Even so, he was glad to see his pupil Hyoga fighting for the real Athena. Since Milo fought Hyoga, he mentioned Camus in a way that led the fans to believe they were close friends. Apparently, this was made official since the animation of the Hades saga included more personal interaction between them than the manga, and they are depicted as friends in Saint Seiya Episode G. He is named after Albert Camus.

Although he was one of the Gold Saints of Sanctuary, Camus spent most of his time living in the tundra of Eastern Siberia. During his years there, he trained a child named Isaac as his student. Some time later, he took another student, Hyoga.

When Hyoga first arrived in Siberia, Camus asked him why he wanted to become a Saint. Hyoga replied that once he becomes more powerful, he could salvage his mother, who was buried deep under the frozen seas of Siberia, within a sunken ship. Camus told him that he would eventually doom himself if he was fighting for such a reason. He pointed out to the icebergs far away, and told Hyoga that he must be as tough and emotionless as the eternal frozen icebergs of Siberia, only then will he become a strong fighter. Through his training, Hyoga had always respected Camus as a fatherly figure.

Camus also appears in Megumu Okada's Episode G. Here, he is portrayed as a very honorable saint, protecting several soldiers of the Sanctuary various times.

He at one point faced one of the Titans, Current Oceanus. He exposes more of his beliefs, telling the Titan that, if gods like him had the right to toy with humans' lives, that it was only fair that humans had the right to choose which gods they wanted to worship.

He said that gods like the Titans, who did not comprehend the value of life, were unable to truly appreciate the immortality they possessed, and that gods like them did not deserve to be worshipped.

Camus, unlike the other Gold Saints, specialized his Cosmo energy not in create power by the movement of atoms, but by stopping the same movement. Due to this, his power consists not in destroying the matter, but in freezing it. Among those warriors who use this kind of ability, Camus is considered the stronger since he is the one who can lower more the movements, creating a lower temperature. Having mastered the 7th sense, Camus is able to achieve with ease almost the lowest possible temperature: the Absolute Zero, while it is fully reached only by Hyoga that surpasses his master. In the Hades Arc it seems Camus awakes the 8th sense as he is able to enter the Underworld.

Camus's guardian constellation is Aquarius, and his Gold Cloth represents it and its associated myth : The beautiful youth Ganymede, loved by Zeus and carried off to Olympus to be his cupbearer, pouring water from his urn.Aquarius Gold ClothAlthough the Aquarius constellation is mostly represented by a young man, it is also sometimes depicted as a young maiden. Stereotypical androgynous manga/anime aestethics aside, it is the reason why Masami Kurumada designed Camus blending masculine and feminine traits in his physique: he drew him with long red nails and his hair was red in the manga. In the anime adaptation, his hair was turquoise-colored to generate a better color balance and contrast, and his nails had normal-length.

The temple he guarded was known both in manga and the anime adaptation as HouBeiKyuu, the "Temple of the Treasured Urn".

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