Sailing Ship Papercraft - Esmeralda "The White Lady"

Sailing Ship Papercraft - Esmeralda "The White Lady"


Esmeralda Sailing Ship Papercraft
The Esmeralda (aka La Dama Blanca / The White Lady) is a barkentine tall ship that belongs to the Chilean Navy. It's hull is made of steel and has four masts to support its twenty one sails.

Shipbuilding on the Esmeralda, planned as a training vessel for the Spanish navy, first began in 1946. However, after an explosion the following year she remained unrepaired for several years, due to worsening economic conditions and other factors. Shipbuilding later resumed when it was decided that the Esmeralda would be transferred to Chile for purposes of debt repayment. In 1953 she was finally launched before a sea of onlookers, and has since sailed the waters of the world.

This ship papercraft was designed by Canon Creative Park's residen ship modeller, M. Nisiguchi - Senaun.

Esmeralda Sailing Ship Papercraft

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