Russian Light Tank Free Paper Model Download

Russian Light Tank Free Paper Model Download


Russian Light Tank Free Paper Model DownloadThis tank paper model is designed by jtdigest. The scale of this tank papercraft is 1:35. History of the light tank in this country began in 1919, when the Petrograd factory was submitted to the military industry of the RSFSR his first project. After some time has been built and tested a prototype. But due to the general state of industry and economy have postponed production of light tank and returned to the idea only in 1932, when purchased on the basis of floating wedges in England, "Vickers-Carden-Lloyd" was designed and built a prototype flying T-33. After some time, first in Leningrad built to fit slubzhe amphibious tank T-37. He was even accepted into service, and then decided to finish the project, and later under the leadership of N. Kozyrev was built T-37A. The hull was riveted, with little use of welding. Armament consisted of a military machine gun DT, located in the tower, offset to starboard. The engine had a capacity of 40 hp, making it possible to develop a tank on a good road speed of 38 km / h, cruising range of 180 km. This tank is produced commercially from 1933 to 1936.

In 1936, the factory number 37 under the leadership of N. Astrov was designed amphibious tank T-38, the model is to collect and offer.

The tower was moved to his left side, and her place was taken by the driver's cabin. The tank was armed with a machine gun DT 7.62 mm ammunition, 1512 rounds of ammunition. GAZ-AA engine with 40 hp was installed longitudinally in the middle of the hull. The transmission used a lot of automotive components and assemblies. Transmission gear selection included the power to the propeller. To maneuver on the water tank was equipped with a rudder at the stern of the hull. In the final version of the car turned out so successful that by the end of World War II had no analogues in the world. T-38 was involved in all major military conflicts of the pre-war times, went through the whole World War II. However, 9-mm armor of light vehicles could not resist the German shells 'land' tanks, but the intelligence he had no equal.

To work you will need: cardboard 0.5 mm thick, thin color paper, wooden sticks for a length of approximately 70 mm and a diameter of no more than 3 mm, steel or copper wire of various diameters, thread number 12, two types of glue - PVA. You will also need the usual tools for paper modeling.

You can download this tank paper model from here: Russian Light Tank Free Paper Model Download