Rozen Maiden - Shinku Chibi Free Papercraft Download

Rozen Maiden - Shinku Chibi Free Papercraft Download


Rozen Maiden - Shinku Chibi Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper doll is the Shinku (Japanese: Crimson, German: Reiner Rubin), based on the manga / anime series “Rozen Maiden“. The 3D model is designed by crabman, and the papercraft is created by Skullkid.

Shinku is the fifth doll of the Rozen Maiden series, the main female protagonist of the story and the most powerful rozen doll among her 6 sisters. Shinku has light blonde-yellow hair, kept in two ponytails tied at the back of her head, and blue eyes. She wears a red gown with a matching shawl and bonnet as accessories. Her bonnet is fastened with a green ribbon, which is tied into a bow at her neck and held in place with a pink rose brooch. In Ouvertüre, it is shown that the pink rose brooch was at one point not a rose brooch, but a cameo brooch displaying a profile of Rozen himself - Suigintou crushed this brooch out of vengeance.

Shinku is at first quite a queen-like character, and seemed to love nothing more than consistently abusing her medium, Jun Sakarada, be it by slapping, kicking, or hitting him when he didn't comply with her orders, as she treated him as her servant. Her main goal in life was to win the Alice Game and become Alice. Her motto was originally, "To live is to fight." Over time, with Jun's guidance, she abandoned this idea and only fought to protect others.

She is also portrayed to be a bit childish in the anime. Whenever watching her favorite television program, "Detective Kun-Kun", she is often shown to believe the episode's happenings to be true. For example, when a villain was sneaking up behind Kun-Kun in one episode, Shinku screams for him to get out of the way. She also seems to be a hardcore fan, once even sending away for a detective kit given away in a contest. As shown in Ouvertüre, Shinku has a fear of cats due to one of her previous medium's pet feline, which came terribly close to swallowing her wind-up key.

Shinku also seems to have a slightly vengeful spirit. This is displayed when she and Barasuishou are the last two playing the Alice Game and she mercilessly begins striking her down for having killed Suigintou. She also displays this when Suigintou destroys her cameo brooch of Rozen, screaming, "I won't forgive you!" Shinku had a somewhat unclear relationship with Suigintou prior to this. It is revealed in Ouvertüre, that they had once been friends, but a misunderstanding caused her to lash out against Shinku, destroying the previously mentioned cameo brooch of Rozen. Ever since then, the two were rivals and despised each other deeply. However, near the end of Träumend, the two are seen recooperating after Suigintou has been fatally injured by Barasuishou and then dies in Shinku's arms.

Her artificial spirit's name is Holie. In battle, Shinku uses her cane in a similar manner to a sword to strike and slash her opponent in close combat, while she can utlize red rose petals and transform them into sharp knife-like objects to strike her opponent at far range. It is shown that she is capable of effortlessly diffusing Kanaria's cyclone by releasing rose petals and cutting all of her violin strings, rendering Kanaria unable to attack. Being efficient in close and distance combat and also capable of utilizing her weapons tactically makes Shinku the most powerful doll and unsurpassed by any of her sisters which she was capable of defeating any one of them easily by utilizing her capabilities to the fullest. She had victored against Hinaichigo. However, instead of taking her Rosa Mystica, Shinku let Hinaichigo live, and became an inter-medium, allowing Hinaichigo to tap into Jun's energy.

You can download this doll paper craft model here: Rozen Maiden - Shinku Chibi Free Papercraft Download