Rozen Maiden - Chibi Mercury Lamp (Suigintou) Ver.7 Free Figure Papercraft Download


Rozen Maiden - Chibi Mercury Lamp (Suigintou) Ver.7 Free Figure Papercraft DownloadThis figure papercraft is a   (), the first of the Rozen Maiden, based on the manga series , the papercraft is created by a chinese designer 崩月葬花.

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Suigintou is portrayed with silver-white hair and pink eyes, the latter of which are purposefully shown to have narrow, slit pupils, probably in an attempt to be creepy. She wears a dark blue headband with black lace trimming. Each side of the headband ends with a black bow; the headband also sports a rosette on top (this rosette's color tends to change often; usually it is shown as dark wine red, although it can have dark or light purple hues, or even peach pink.)

A dark blue neck ribbon is tied around her neck, and her dress is white and dark blue. It has a matching rosette brooch just like the one on the headband. The top part of the dress also has black lace trimming and features white ruffles trimming. The sleeves of the dress are puffy on each of the shoulders, while on the arms they fit the first half - the lower arms feature three-layered white ruffles. The skirt is white with ruffles trimming, layered with dark blue diamond-shaped pieces. The two front layers feature white inverted crosses. Between these two layers is a criss-crossed ribbon. She also wears a pair of dark blue boots with matching rosettes like those on the headband.

Suigintou is an incomplete doll in both manga and anime version: In the anime, she doesn't have a torso, but in the manga, her back is flawed and cracked by her black wings, which is her weapon. Suigintou is the only Rozen Maiden doll who has wings.

 In Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Suigintou's appearance changes a little, as her eyes became red, like in the manga, and the color of her clothes changes from dark violet to black. For more information please click here.

You can download the paper craft template here: Rozen Maiden - Chibi Mercury Lamp (Suigintou) Ver.7 Free Figure Papercraft Download [Box] [Gavitex]


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