Rosario + Vampire - Ko-chan Free Papercraft Download

Rosario + Vampire - Ko-chan Free Papercraft Download


Rosario + Vampire - Ko-chan Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Ko-chan (aka Koumori Nazo, Kou), a Transformer Bat acting as the narrator for the animated adaptation of the manga / anime series , the papercraft created by colinot.

Occasionally covering up various shots of fanservice, Nazo also enjoys stating the exact duration of a fight. In the manga, various bats of similar design are used to give information on the various monsters encountered at the academy. He is Kokoa's bat, but he is named "Batty" or "Kou-Batty." In the anime, he is still Kokoa's bat in season 2. He once went to the school and pretended to be a transfer student and named himself Ijuuin Kotaro, charming almost everyone into loving and obeying him. He was stopped by Inner Moka and Kokoa. Also, in the anime, it can be thought that he wants to marry Kokoa, as in episode 10, when he thought about enslaving her, he pictured her in a wedding dress.

In the manga, Kou does not talk, thus his personality is unknown. In the anime, he is  shown to be loyal to Kokoa most of the time, but was disloyal for a time when he wanted to use his allure powers in human form to make the female students at the school fall for him, planning to enslave Kokoa as well, but was defeated. He is also stated to eat a lot by Kokoa.

Most of the time, Kou looks like a cute bat with a hamster-like body, but he can shapeshift into various  weapons at Kokoa Shuzen's command. In the anime, he once took the form of a tall boy with dark blue hair. His chibi form is a bat, while his real form is a star-like creature with  teeth on the upper side of each point. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft toy here: Rosario + Vampire - Ko-chan Free Papercraft Download