Roman Imperial Helmet Papercraft (Centurion & Legionary)

Roman Imperial Helmet Papercraft (Centurion & Legionary)


Roman Imperial Helmet Papercraft Very nice paper models of the Roman Army's Imperial Helmets, one is for the Centurions (officers) and the other for Legionaries (private soldier). Papercraft designed by Hans-Dieter Richter / Bastelbogen Online.

Roman Imperial Helmet Papercraft - Centurion [Download] [via Tektonten]
Roman Imperial Helmet Papercraft - Legionary

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  1. Would you create the same quality of original realistic pattern for the different state cities` periods of ancient greek helmets? For example:
    Corintian Helmet
    Athenian Helmet
    Spartan Helmet (the real one, "not the one from the movie 300")
    Thebian Helmet
    Troyan Helmet

  2. The quality of work in details presented on these very nice paper models of the Roman Army's Imperial Helmets (for the Centurions (officers) and the Legionaries (private soldier) is remarkable. It might have taken historical or archelogical research in order to come up with such realistic pattem design on a papercraft model. But I insist in challenging you to performe the same realistic research about the different state cities` periods of ancient greek helmets and produce those magnificent papercraft creation as faithfully realistic as you can make them. Your outstanding skillful papercrastwork on an original Spartan Greek model must become a great ideal alternative for useful supportive organizational events among different organizations using the Spartan iconic name. For example: School Sport Teams, etc. My last Military Unit has their emblem logo, warrior motto and unit slogan all about "Spartans". And they have a semiannual sportive event name the "The Spartan Challenge". Instead of a trophy, the winner team is presented with a pre-made Spartan Helmet made of cooked clay. I always wonder if we could have had a Spartan Helmet papercrafted or cardboard pattern, we could have had each participant wearing the iconic helmet during the event. Even the winner team would have being presented with a winner distinctive golden Spartan helmet including royal branches of olive leaves. Another idea: How about if you can create as well the complete "Spartan Hoplite" and "Spartan Royal" war armor, to include, the swords, spears, shield, and all other accessories. If we were have been able to have all that we could have had more fun and the pictures and videos would have shown more enjoyable memories for us and future family sharing time with grandchildren. As well, my children`s and nepheus` school sport teams with the Spartan logo would have even more fun dressing with over garment smooth cardboard papercraft made complete Spartan war armor; as well as family members cheering from the bleachers. Please, e-mail me when you have completed this challenge. I will be telling my fellow Spartans military units the alternative idea they could have of using these so faithfully realistically recreated papercraft designs for their Spartan organizational day events. So, the same idea for my children school sport team. Even, I will be purchasing these over garment smooth cardboard made papercraft of a designed complete Spartan war armor. Please, surprise us with you remarkable realistic papercraft disigning skills.

  3. Most of the Military Unit`s with annual or semiannual sportive events using the "Spartan iconic slogan" enjoy these organizational contests at Company level and finals contest is at Battalion level; some units push the challenge into final contest at Brigade level. There is a lot of fun and wearing papercrast Spartan features would make even more enjoyable among participants and spectators.