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Rocket Papercraft - Juno II Free DownloadThis rocket paper craft is designed by Paul Bestr from bestpapermodels. The scale of this papercraft is 1:60. Juno II was an American space launch vehicle used during the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was derived from the Jupiter missile, which was used as the first stage.

The Juno II was used for 10 satellite launches, of which six failed, launching Pioneer 3, Pioneer 4, Explorer 7, Explorer 8, and Explorer 11 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 5 and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 26B.

Date/Time (GMT)Serial N°StagesPadPayloadOutcomeRemarks
1958-12-06, 05:44AM-114LC-5Pioneer 3Partial failureHigh sub-orbital launch. Lunar probe, failed to reach Moon due to premature first stage cutoff. Radiation experiments successful.
1959-03-03, 05:10AM-144LC-5Pioneer 4SuccessfulHigh sub-orbital launch. Lunar probe.
1959-07-16, 17:37AM-16LC-5Explorer S-1FailurePitched over 5 seconds after launch, destroyed by range safety
1959-08-15, 00:31AM-19BLC-26BBeacon 2FailurePremature first stage cutoff. Failed to orbit
1959-10-13, 15:30AM-19A3LC-5Explorer 7SuccessfulReached low Earth orbit
1960-03-23, 13:35AM-19C3LC-26BExplorer S-46FailureThird stage failed to ignite. Failed to orbit
1960-11-03, 05:23AM-19D3LC-26BExplorer 8SuccessfulReached low Earth orbit
1961-02-25, 00:13AM-19FLC-26BExplorer S-45FailureThird stage failed to ignite. Failed to orbit
1961-04-27, 14:16AM-19ELC-26BExplorer 11SuccessfulReached low Earth orbit
1961-05-24, 19:48AM-19GLC-26BExplorer S-45AFailureSecond stage failed to ignite. Failed to orbit


  • Total length: 24.0 m
  • Orbit payload to 200 km: 41 kg
  • Escape velocity payload: 6 kg
  • First launch date: December 6, 1958
  • Last launch date: May 24, 1961
Parameter1st stage2nd stage3rd stage4th stage
Gross mass54,431 kg462 kg126 kg42 kg
Empty mass5,443 kg231 kg63 kg21 kg
Thrust667 kN73 kN20 kN7 kN
Isp248 s
(2.43 kN·s/kg)
214 s
(2.10 kN·s/kg)
214 s
(2.10 kN·s/kg)
214 s
(2.10 kN·s/kg)
Burn time182 s6 s6 s6 s
Length18.28 m1.0 m1.0 m1.0 m
Diameter2.67 m1.0 m0.50 m0.30 m
Engine:Rocketdyne S-3DEleven SergentsThree SergentsOne Sergent
PropellantLOX/RP-1Solid FuelSolid FuelSolid fuel

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