Rocket Paper Craft - Martin Vanguard Free Download

Rocket Paper Craft - Martin Vanguard Free Download


Rocket Paper Craft - Martin Vanguard Free DownloadThis Martin Vanguard Rocket paper model is designed by Joy Cohn & Niels Jahn Knudsen. The scale of this rocket paper craft is 1:96, and still a very detailed model. Here shown TV-3, TV-4 and SLV-6. Also TV-2 and SLV-4 isĀ available as kits.

About Martin Vanguard: The first complete Vanguard rocket - TV-3 test vehicle - was rushed into service to carry a satellite and launched on December 6, 1957. Less than one second after liftoff, the first-stage engine lost thrust because of an improper engine start. The vehicle settled back on the launching stand and exploded. This failure was a national embarrassment for USA. The payload nosecone detached in the process and landed free of the exploding rocket. The satellite was too damaged for further use; it now resides in the National Air and Space Museum.

Instead, Von Braun's Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA), launched the Explorer 1 on February 1st, 1958, using the Jupiter C launcher, the Juno I.

Finally, on February 3, 1958, the Vanguard SLV-4 successfully placed the Vanguard I satellite into an elliptical Earth orbit. Of the three Vanguard-launched satellites. Vanguard I - silent since May 1964 - remains in space today as the oldest man-made satellite.[via nielspapermodels]

You can download this rocket paper model from here: Rocket Paper Craft - Martin Vanguard Free Download

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