Rocket Paper Craft - Martin RTV-N-12 Viking 7 Free Download

Rocket Paper Craft - Martin RTV-N-12 Viking 7 Free Download


Rocket Paper Craft - Martin RTV-N-12 Viking 7 Free DownloadThis Viking rocket paper craft is designed by Niels, this is a simple papercraft rocket. The Viking rocket series of sounding rockets were designed and built by the Glenn L. Martin Company (now Lockheed-Martin) under the direction of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). Twelve Viking rockets flew from 1949 to 1955.

In 1946, the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) made plans to develop a new large high-altitude research rocket, to replace the captured German V-2 and to supplement the RTV-N-8 Aerobee then in development (which had a much lower performance than the V-2). The new rocket was initially called Neptune, but this was soon changed by the Navy to Viking to avoid confusion with the Lockheed P2V Neptune aircraft. The prime contract for design and development of the RTV-N-12 Viking was awarded to Martin, while the rocket engine would be built by Reaction Motors. Numerous problems during the development of airframe and engine delayed the first free flight of Viking #1 until May 1949.

The RTV-N-12 was a single-stage vehicle, powered by a Reaction Motors XLR10 liquid-fueled rocket engine. Unlike the V-2 with its external shell, the Viking's fuel tanks were integral with the rocket's fuselage, saving a significant amount of weight. The rocket used four tailfins for stabilization and had a gimballed nozzle for active pitch/yaw control by the autopilot system. No two Vikings were exactly identical because the results of each firing would be used to implement improvements in the next vehicle. A total of seven Vikings of the original basic RTV-N-12 design were built and launched, and all flights were at least partially successful. The highest altitude was reached by Viking 7 on 7 August 1951, which flew to 219 km (136 miles), breaking the V-2's single-stage altitude record. The scientific payloads carried by the RTV-N-12 included temperature, density and composition measurements in the upper atmosphere, measurements of solar and cosmic radiation, and ionospheric experiments.[via designation-systems]

Data for RTV-N-12 (Viking 7), RTV-N-12a (Viking 11):

RTV-N-12 RTV-N-12a
Length 14.81 m (48 ft 7 in) 12.83 m (42 ft 1 in)
Finspan 2.79 m (9 ft 2 in) 4.06 m (13 ft 4 in)
Diameter 81 cm (32 in) 1.14 m (45 in)
Weight 4860 kg (10730 lb) 6800 kg (15000 lb)
Speed 6440 km/h (4000 mph) 6920 km/h (4300 mph)
Ceiling 219 km (136 miles) 254 km (158 miles)
Propulsion Reaction Motors XLR10-RM-2 liquid-fueled rocket; 93 kN (21000 lb) for 70 s (RTV-N-12) / 103 s (RTV-N-12a)

You can download this rocket papercraft from here: Rocket Paper Craft - Martin RTV-N-12 Viking 7 Free Download

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