Rocket Paper Craft - Goddard L-13 Free Download


Rocket Paper Craft - Goddard L-13 Free DownloadThis rocket paper craft is designed by Mark Lardas. The scale of this rocket paper model is 1:32. This rocket was designed by Robert H. Goddard. It was launched on March 26, 1937, L-13 flew higher than any of the other 35 liquid fueled rockets flown by Robert H. Goddard. From its launch pad at Roswell N. M. it achieved an altitude of an estimated 1.7 miles (2.7 km). The rocket used a gyroscope to control the air and blast vanes at the bottom of the fins, to keep it vertical during flight. It burned gasoline and liquid oxygen. Overall length was 200-3/8 inches (5.089 m) with a tube diameter of 9 inches (0.229 m). One quadrant of the steel and aluminum missile was painted red, as were the sides of the two fins parallel to the quadrant.[via nielspapermodels]

This drawing is from the book Retro Rockets and is provided by its author, Peter Alway.

rocket l-13 drawingYou can download this Rocket Paper Model from here: Rocket Paper Craft - Goddard L-13 Free Download

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