Rocket Paper Craft - Blue Streak (Missile) Free Download

Rocket Paper Craft - Blue Streak (Missile) Free Download


Rocket Paper Craft - Blue Streak (Missile) Free DownloadThis paper model is from nielspapermodels. The Blue Streak missile was a British medium range ballistic missile (MRBM). The Operational Requirement for the missile was issued in 1955 and the design was complete by 1957. The project was intended to ensure that there was a credible replacement for the V bomber aircraft which would become obsolete by 1965.

The cancellation of Blue Streak as a military weapon was announced in 1960. Partly to avoid political embarrassment from the cancellation, the Government proposed that the rocket be used as the first stage of a satellite launcher. However, the cost was thought to be too great for the UK alone, and European collaboration was sought. This led to the formation of the European Launcher Development Organisation (ELDO), with Blue Streak used as the first stage. The second stage was provided by the French, and the third stage by the Germans. The test satellite and fairings were provided by the Italians, and the Dutch and Belgians were responsible for telemetry and ground stations. Australia provided the launch site at Woomera. The complete vehicle was known as Europa. It was tested at Woomera test range, Australia, and Kourou in French Guiana. Europa was cancelled in 1972 and ELDO was dissolved.

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