Rocket Paper Craft - Ariane 2 Free Download


Rocket Paper Craft - Ariane 2 Free DownloadThis is a rocket paper model in scale 1:96, designed by niels. Ariane 2 was a European expendable carrier rocket, which was used for six launches between 1986 and 1989. It was a member of the Ariane family of rockets, and was produced by Aérospatiale in France.

The Ariane 2 was derived from the earlier Ariane 1, with stretched first and third stages. Its payload capacity was increased to 2,175 kilograms (4,800 lb) to a geosynchronous transfer orbit. It first flew on 31 May 1986 carrying the Intelsat-5A F-14 satellite. The third stage failed to ignite, and the rocket was destroyed by range safety. Following this, five more launches were conducted, all of which were successful. The last Ariane 2 launch occurred on 2 April 1989, successfully placing Tele-X into orbit.

You can download this rocket papercraft from here: Rocket Paper Craft - Ariane 2 Free Download

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