Would you pay $21,000,000 for this?For those that don't recognize this paper model, it's the creation of Canadian artist Sheung Yee Shing (Yeesjob), he has an impressive coll

One of my favorite animes growing up, Voltes V is about 5 Volt Machines that combine to form the mighty Voltes V super robot and their fight to get rid of the alien invaders f

Although it looks like Metabee it's not, this Gun-Nose, a rhino beetle-type Medabot who is a protagonist from the Medabot manga and the the Medabot DS game series.Medabots: Gu

Nothing much going on this Easter Sunday, just three unknown robot papercrafts heading your way. And if you missed some of the great posts this week, you can catch up with the

Custom mecha designed by oerkue.Drill Mecha Papercraft [Download]Wall-E Papercraft Robot [Related Posts]Lens-Head Papercraft RobotSuper Robot / Mecha Anime PapercraftGiant Ro

Ballistamon is a gentle but powerful Machine Digimon that resembles a heavily armoed biped robot with a rhino beetle head.Digimon - Ballistamon Papercraft [Download]Digimon Pe

Yuri Gagarin (Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин) - Soviet cosmonaut and the first human in space, paper toy by Mau Russo.Yuri Gagarin Papercraft (Cosmonaut) [Download]2001 A Space Odyss

4-legged robotic crawler from SaltNPaper.CXV is the 115th model of the Crawling Xeno Vehicle developed from the foreign technology left by the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster.