Space-themed Lemi paper toy, custom designed by Chand Martinez.Lemi 37 Paper Toy [Download]Supercar x Fireball XL5 Papercraft [Related Posts]Stingray PapercraftTitan Terror F
R-Type: TXT Eclipse Papercraft

The TXT Eclipse is a test craft/test model used by Space Corps for research to create new fighter ships.R-Type: TXT Eclipse Papercraft [Download]R-Type Papercraft R9A2 Delta [

Wasn't really sure if Bartman's Bangdoll mecha was complete the first time I posted it (found in the forums), but now he actually uploaded it to TamaSoft.Bangdoll Mecha Paper

Ballistamon is a gentle but powerful Machine Digimon that resembles a heavily armoed biped robot with a rhino beetle head.Digimon - Ballistamon Papercraft [Download]Digimon Pe

Did somebody asked for a robot toy this Christmas? here's the Newsbot papercraft (robot) from Commercial Appeal - a Memphis based online news site. This robot papercraft is th

Yuri Gagarin (Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин) - Soviet cosmonaut and the first human in space, paper toy by Mau Russo.Yuri Gagarin Papercraft (Cosmonaut) [Download]2001 A Space Odyss

2 new Ye-bot paper toys (Marko Zubak's ye-bot initiative), one unnamed custom by ABZ and "Boney" by dyadic.#16 #17 ye-bot Paper Toy [Download]Paper Toy Gift [Related Posts]4-i

4-legged robotic crawler from SaltNPaper.CXV is the 115th model of the Crawling Xeno Vehicle developed from the foreign technology left by the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster.