Canti is a robot character from the FLCL (aka Fooly Cooly, aka Furi Kuri) anime series. Canti was manufactureed by Medical Mechanica and the first one to emerge from Naota's (

A 3rd variation to Paper Replika's Patlabor papercraft, changes were made to its head and shoulders.Patalabor - AV98 Ingram Papercraft 3 [Download]Hellhound Attack Helicopter

Carl the Crane Robot papercraft is based on a character from NHK Kids World.Carol the Crane Robot Papercraft [やあ]Make Your Own Newsbot Papercraft [Related Posts]Clank Papercra

4-inch tall VF-1 Valkyrie papercraft in Battroid mode (mecha) created by Papertico, based on The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Japan) / Robotech (US) anime series.Robotec
Transformers G1 Optimus Prime Paper Model (Poseable)

Fully articulated G1 Optimus Prime created by Avon. Joints use Rare Earth magnets, other wise you'll have to fuse the joints and just have a statue. -WuLongTiTransformers G1 O

New update on Shunichi Makino's SF Papercraft Gallery. This Lens Head robot papercraft is not really a new paper model, the designer has changed the texture from the original

An original designed? anime robot papercraft with what looks to be a part Gundam, part Saber (Fate/stay night) theme going on.Anime Robot Papercraft [tayutsu]Clank Papercraft

Raphael Gatt is back with a new Iron Man paper model, here's Tony Stark's Mark IV armor.Iron Man 2 Papercraft Mark IV [Download]Park Heroes Iron Man Papercraft [Related Posts

Microbot paper toy #1 "Motivational Speaker" and Microbot #2 "Special Ed." - from Phils Creations new robot series - 12 Microbots.Microbot Papercraft - 1 & 2 [Download]Robo Mi

Dance-A-Lot Robot is a short animated show that serves as filler between longer shows on Playhouse Disney.To download the template, follow the link below and click where it s