Robotech Macross - Zentraedi Regult Battle Pod Free Robot Paper Model Download

Robotech Macross - Zentraedi Regult Battle Pod Free Robot Paper Model Download


Robotech Macross - Zentraedi Regult Battle Pod Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis robot paper model is a Zentraedi Regult Battle Pod, based on the science fiction mecha anime Robotech / Macross, the papercraft was created by Diego Cortes Pardo.


The Tactical Battlepod is the standard Zentraedi infantry mecha that is most frequently encountered during the First Robotech War. Known as the Regult within the Zentraedi ranks, it can utilize its multiple thrusters to navigate challenging surface terrain or maneuver in space combat. This versatile battle-tested design has been built in staggering quantities and has spawned a line of variants for a wide range of combat roles.
Among the strong points of the Battlepod are simplicity, firepower, speed and mobility. The mecha is designed for rapid and efficient manufacture in automated assembly lines and is typically deployed in large numbers for mass attacks. Additionally, the mecha is easy to service in the field, a necessity considering the limited technical knowledge of the average Zentraedi soldier. The destructive firepower of the two main cannons is capable of dealing with big armored targets such as Earth Destroids. An array of secondary armament trades firepower for coverage against lighter fast-moving adversaries. The mecha's giant articulated legs allow it to advance or jump quickly past most obstacles and it can even function underwater.

The main disadvantage of the Battlepod is its vulnerability as armor protection has been sacrificed for mobility. The shape of its body does not lend itself to deflecting incoming fire and its power system has a tendency to explode when pierced by explosive rounds. However, these shortcomings are consistent with the Zentraedi strategy of victory by overwhelming force with little regard to the survival of the individual.

Original RPG stats can be found in Robotech the Roleplaying Game Book 1 Macross Page 85 and it was called the Tactical Battle Pod

New Official RPG Stats can be found in Robotech The Macross Saga Sourcebook Page 152 and it is called the Regult


Simple, efficient and reliable, the Esbeliben Reguld is the standard mass production mecha of the Zentradi Army. Produced in staggering numbers to fill the need for an all-purpose mecha, this battle pod accommodates a single Zentradi soldier in a compact cockpit and is capable of operating in space or on a planet's surface. In space, the Reguld makes use of two booster engines and numerous vernier thrusters to propel itself at very high speeds, capable of engaging and maintaining pace with the UN Spacy's VF-1 variable fighter. Within an atmosphere, the Reguld is largely limited to ground combat but retains high speed and maneuverability. Armed with a variety of direct-fire energy weapons and anti-personnel/anti-aircraft guns, the Reguld is capable of engaging both air and ground units. The Reguld is also capable of high, thruster-assisted leaping that allows the pod to cover long distances and engage low flying aircraft. On land, the Reguld is surprisingly fast, capable of closing with the VF-1 variable fighter in GERWALK flight.

The Reguld saw much use during Space War I in repeated engagements against the forces of the UN Spacy, but its lack of versatility against superior mecha often resulted in average effectiveness. Several variants were seen in the war, typically with additional equipment to mount missile launchers or modified with electronic warfare equipment for ECM and reconnaissance roles. Possessing minimal defensive features, the Reguld is a simple weapon that performs best in large numbers and when supported by other mecha such as Fighter Pods.

Model Type - Regult

Class - Battlepod
Crew - 1 full sized Zentraedi

MDC By Location

Main Body 125
Sensors 35
Autocannons (2) 40 ea
Particle Guns (2) 50 ea
Lasers (2) 30 ea
Legs (2) 75 ea
AR - 12
Armour - stops upto and including standard 15mm rounds


Running - 282kph
Leaping - 120m
Space - Mach 2.7
Deployment Range - 2000km in space due to need for reaction mass
200 hours of continuous use on 12 protoculture cells


Height - 17.4m
Length - 8.1m
Width - 8.0m
Weight - 37 tons
PS - Effectively 40 Robotic, Kick - 6d6, Body Block - 2d6
Cargo - minimal personal and survival equipment
Power System - 1 x 1.3 GGV class Esbeliben thermonuclear reaction furnace (Macross)
1 x 1.3 GGV class Esbeliben Protoculture Cell Energizer (Robotech)


Weapon Type - PB-10 Particle guns (2)
Primary Purpose - Anti-mecha
Range - 1800m
Damage - 1d4x10+10 per single burst, 2d4x10+20 per dual burst
Rate Of Fire - equal to pilots attacks
Payload - unlimited
Bonuses - 0
Weapon Type - AC-L 22.3mm autocanons (2)
Primary Purpose - anti-infantry
Range - 1200m
Damage - 4d6+3 per single 10 round burst, 8d6+6 per dual 10 round burst
Rate Of Fire - equal to pilots attacks
Payload - 200 bursts per gun
Bonuses - 0
Weapon Type - PL-3 Laser (2)
Primary Purpose - Anti-aircraft
Range - 1200m
Damage - 3d6 per single burst, 6d6 per dual burst
Rate Of Fire - equal to pilots attacks
Payload - unlimited
Bonuses - 0
Bonuses and penalties:
-3 dodge
+5% piloting rolls
Systems of Note:
Phased Array Radar Range - 100km, tracks upto 48 targets
MultiBand Digital Video Cameras
Multi frequency Laser Ranger and designator +1 ranged strike bonus
Combat Computer

Life Support

Radio/Video Communications range 1000km, acn be bossted indefintiely via satellite relays [Source: Robotech Original Site]

You can download this mecha paper craft here: Robotech Macross - Zentraedi Regult Battle Pod Free Robot Paper Model Download