Robocop Black 2014 RC-2000 Free Papercraft Download

Robocop Black 2014 RC-2000 Free Papercraft Download


Robocop Black 2014 Free Papercraft DownloadThis mecha paper model is (RC-2000), a cyborg created by OmniCorp, based on sama named 2014 American sci-fi action film, a remake of the 1987 film of the same name and reboot of the RoboCop franchise.

After Alex Murphy was critically injured when Antoine Vallon exploded his car, Murphy's wife, Clara Murphy, signed consent papers to allow Murphy to be turned into RoboCop. Only small parts of Murphy were used in RoboCop, including his right hand, face, brain, heart and lungs. Once ready, RoboCop was awakened in a lab in China in front of Dr. Dennett Norton, but RoboCop panicked and grabbed Norton before attempting to escape the lab.

However, after the attempts to convince him to return failed, Norton had him deactivated. RoboCop was later awakened again and shown what remained of Alex Murphy by Norton. Horrified, he demanded to die, but was convinced not to. Instead, he had the armor put back on and told Norton not to be shown to himself or his family in the state again. [Source: wikia]

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