Robo Mistletoe Paper Toy (Christmas 2010)

Robo Mistletoe Paper Toy (Christmas 2010)


Robo Mistletoe Paper Toy
So here we are just a few days a way from 2011, what a year it has been for papercrafts/paper toys...

If you've been following us on Facebook you've probably seen the photos / video that I've put up showing three new paper toys. These were created by

Crafty Little Sod
Hey guys. My name's
Crafty Little Sod – pleased to meet you!

I'm a budding paper toy designer from the UK. I work – by day – as a magazine editor, writer and designer for a national charity. I've only been a toy designer since the end of the summer, 2010 – when I was lucky enough to meet a couple of local toy designers.

They turned me – I was smitten with paper toys from my first-time build! And I've never been shy of a challenge, so once I'd made a few toys designed by other people, I knew I had to have a crack at designing my own.

Paper toys combine so many of the things I enjoy; it's no wonder I've so quickly immersed myself in the paper world. I like toys and collectibles. I like crafts and critters. I like graphic design and pop art. Paper toys really encompass every one of my hobbies! Well, almost every one. I am working on how to make an edible paper toy that tastes of Mexican food and sounds like folk rock, but have enjoyed limited success so far ;)

As a serious sci-fi fan, it seemed natural that my first range of toys should be a collection of robots – and so the Romantical Robots series was born! Meanwhile, there are plenty more creatures swimming around (and sauntering around, swooping, giggling and blowing raspberries) in my mind. I hope you'll get to meet them one day. Download their nets, cut them out, fold them up, stick them together – and love them unconditionally!

I didn't set any weekly or monthly deadline, so CLS will be making paper toys for us at his own pace, that means models will be out when they're done ^^. In return for all the free paper toy goodies that he will make for us he only wishes that if you can, please help Epilepsy Action, a charity organization that is very near and dear to him.

With that said, Christmas 2010 - Robo Mistletoe Paper Toy [Download]

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