Rob Ives - Designing Paper Animations

Rob Ives - Designing Paper Animations


Here it is, the all new (updated) site from our favorite moving papercraft designer, Rob Ives.

Odd Bot Papercraft

The new look of the site is more sleek and fluid, a Showcase field (top-center) should get you up-to-date on the latest models while the top-right corner is for connecting / socializing ^^. The right column will take you to the Blog, Shop, Forum, and access to the Workshop.

Moire Robot Papercraft

And speaking of the Blog, you can find new papercraft models there like the Snap Up Squid, Moire Pattern Robot, Odd Bot, the Doughnut, and lots more - each is accompanied with detailed photos / blog posts that show you the behind-the-scenes on how Rob works his magic.

Doughnut Papercraft

Squid Papercraft

So head on to the link below and check it out.

Rob Ives - Designing Paper Animations [View]

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