RMS Mauretania (1906) Free Ship Paper Model Download


RMS Mauretania (1906) Free Ship Paper Model DownloadThis ship paper model is RMS Mauretania (1906), an ocean liner designed by Leonard Peskett and built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson for the British Cunard Line, and launched on 20 September 1906, the paper model is created by sharunas, the scale of the paper model is in 1:250.

She was the world's largest ship until the launch of the RMS Olympic in 1911 as well as the fastest until the launch of the Bremen in 1929. Mauretania became a favourite among her passengers. After capturing the Blue Riband for the fastest transatlantic crossing during her 1909 inaugural season, Mauretania held the speed record for twenty years.

The ship's name was taken from Mauretania, an ancient Roman province on the northwest African coast, not the modern Mauritania which is now to the south. Similar nomenclature was also employed by Mauretania's running mate, Lusitania, which was named after the Roman province directly north of Mauretania, across the Strait of Gibraltar, the region that now is Portugal. For more information please click here.

You can download this paper model template here: RMS Mauretania (1906) Free Ship Paper Model Download