Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Captain Marvel

Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Captain Marvel


Retro Captain Marvel Papercraft
Captain Marvel (aka Captain Thunder, aka Shazam) is the alter ego of a young boy named William Joseph "Billy" Batson, his powers were magically bestowed by the wizard Shazam. All Billy has to do is to mention Shazam's name and he is transformed into an adult superhero in a red outfit with gold accents.

Some of Captain Marvel's abilities include: super-strength, speed and stamina, physical and magical invulnerability, flight, fearlessness, vast wisdom and enhanced mental perception, control over and emission of magic lightning. Captain Marvel was originally published by Fawcett Comics in 1939 and is currently owned by DC Comics.

Retro Superhero - Captain Marvel Papercraft

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