Relax Bear Papercraft

Relax Bear Papercraft


A cute bear paper model from designer クマリラ. It's called the Rilakkuma papercraft and is based on the characters created by the Japanese marketing company San-X. The name Rilakkuma translates to Relax Bear, it comes from the combination of two Japanese words - rila(relax) and kuma(bear). As you can see on the picture above the Relax Bear papercraft is accompanied by two other characters, namely, Korilakkuma (smaller white bear) and Kiiroitori (yellow chick). Those two don't have any patterns available yet, be sure to sign up to our feed to keep you updated.

This Relax Bear papercraft is very popular marketing tool in Japan for all things related to relaxation, it even has a Nintendo DS video game that came out on November 2007 titled "Watashi no Rilakkuma". Here's a video of the DS game and below that is the link to the pattern.

(Rilakkuma) Relax Bear Papercraft [kuma0rila]