Reborn - Reborn Free Cube Craft Download

Reborn - Reborn Free Cube Craft Download


Reborn - Reborn Free Cube Craft DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is the Reborn, based on the same name anime and manga series Reborn. This paper craft model is designed by blackignus. Reborn is the infant home tutor of Tsunayoshi Sawada and the world's strongest hitman. Before he recieved the Arcobaleno Curse, he greeted people with the word "Chaos".

However, he says "Ciaossu" while he is in his cursed form due to his undeveloped vocal cords as a two-year-old. "Ciaossu", incidentally, is a combination of the Italian and Japanese greetings "Ciao" and "Ossu". He wears a black fedora with a thick orange stripe running across the sides of the cone. He has black eyes and wears an all-black suit with black boots and a red long sleeved polo with a blue necktie underneath. His adult form, however, wears a yellow long sleeved polo. Reborn has also worn many various costumes that vary in design and creativity. He is always seen with his pet chameleon Leon on the brim of his hat along with his Sun Arcobaleno Pacifier. Among all the Arcobaleno, he is said to be the strongest. It was revealed in a flashback that Reborn initially showed anger towards the Arcobaleno curse; however, after a period of exile, he came to accept it, asking Shamal to "erase" his old self. As an Arcobaleno, he remains fairly calm through any situation, even in his "fights" against Colonnello. He did, however, admit to have snapped when Timoteo was revealed to be in Gola Mosca during the Varia Arc.

Reborn mostly takes a mentoring back seat in the arcs, rather than the direct fighting; however, he can be credited with helping Tsuna achieve much higher levels and gain new, more powerful attacks. Reborn is introduced and he is shown wearing many costumes and appearing in his many hideouts. He is a known celebrity at Mafia Land.

You can download this cube paper toy from here: Reborn - Reborn Free Cube Craft Download [Part1] [Part2]