Reborn - Chibi Mammon / Viper Free Papercraft Download

Reborn - Chibi Mammon / Viper Free Papercraft Download


Reborn - Chibi Mammon / Viper Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Mammon / Viper, the holder of the Mist Arcobaleno Pacifier, based on the anime and manga series , the paper toy was created by tsunyandere. Viper is a member of the elite Vongola assassination team, Varia, under the name Esper Mammon. Known as the Varia's best spell caster, Viper has the ability to cast illusions as well as being able to locate any person by sneezing into a piece of paper; the spit or mucus that sticks to the paper shows a map leading to the desired person.

Other than for the exception of the Arcobaleno Trials, Viper only works for money and is therefore represented as the sin of greed in Varia. He also has a dark green frog named Fantasma that lies on top of his head. By turning into a yellow ouroboros into a "halo" above him, Fantasma can give Mammon the ability to fly in combat; He claims to have been trying to break the Arcobaleno curse, and had sealed his pacifier so that other Arcobaleno cannot sense him with the Mammon Chain, which also seals the power of Rings and Boxes and such. The chain is replaced by the Vongola by the cap that conceals the Rings' powers the same way as the Chains.

Both as an adult and in his Arcobaleno form, Viper is shown wearing a black outfit with a hood that covers his eyes making it hard for fans to know his gender. From what little can be seen of his apperance before becoming an Arcobaleno, Viper had chin-length purple-lish hair and fairly white skin. He has two up-side-down triangle purple markings on his cheek that extend when he uses his Arcobaleno powers. As an Arcobaleno, he carries with him a roll of what seems to be tissue and uses it to create illusions to attack his opponents.

You can download the paper craft toy here: Reborn - Chibi Mammon / Viper Free Papercraft Download

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