Reborn - Chibi Lal Mirch Free Paper Toy Download

Reborn - Chibi Lal Mirch Free Paper Toy Download


Reborn - Chibi Lal Mirch Free Paper Toy DownloadThis papercraft is a Lal Mirch, based on the anime and manga series , the paper toy was created by StardustxReflections. Lal Mirch, in the future, comes off as a no-nonsense type of person. She outright tells Tsuna that he isn't progressing as fast as she'd hoped, and then gives him up as a student. On an occasion before that, while instructing Tsuna and his Rain and Storm Guardians about Rings and Boxes, she attacked Tsuna and Yamamoto when she felt that she was losing their attention.

Lal Mirch was to be the original holder of the blue pacifier for the Arcobaleno, but was unexpectedly replaced by Colonnello in an attempt to save her from the Arcobaleno curse. Due to late timing, she was still forced to carry a half curse, being that she shared the same physical effects as the other Arcobaleno but was unable to attain the full power of the blue pacifier, which was given to Colonnello.

Lal sports blue hair and a distinctive scar on her right cheek. She is first seen in infant form wearing combat gear, a crimson cape and an infrared visor. Lal also dons her corrupt Arcobaleno pacifier on her chest like Reborn. Her adult form, first seen upon Tsuna's arrival in the future, is far more developed. She wears a brown tank top, tight blue shorts and a tan cape. She still has her visor and dons a gorilla mask on her shoulder. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper craft toy here: Reborn - Chibi Lal Mirch Free Paper Toy Download

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