ReBoot - Medusa Bug Free Papercraft Download

ReBoot - Medusa Bug Free Papercraft Download


ReBoot - Medusa Bug Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Medusa Bug, based on cartoon series ReBoot, the paper model is created by Tektonten. The Medusa was a small, but powerful, viral bug contained in a hand held box. The Medusa was created by Hexadecimal and spreads uncontrollably to everything, infecting, and turning it to stone. Soon afterwards everyone and everything infected by the Medusa degrades to dust, starting with low-energy before working up to high-energy life-forms such as Binomes and Sprites; potentially leading to the collapse of the entire system.

Megabyte knew of the creation of the Medusa, believing it was a powerful weapon. He started working with Hex for a short time in order to steal the Medusa from her. Megabyte was successful in smuggling the box out of the Lair. Hex brought Nulls to stop him but Hack and Slash broke the bridge to Lost Angles severing it from Mainframe. Megabyte escaped back to Silicon Tor by leaving a small group of ABCs to try and stop Hex. She easily destroyed them with minimal effort, then left, saying she was bored.

Megabyte didn't realize that Hex purposely let him take it so that he would activate the viral bug away from her island. When he opened the box it immediately infected his hand turning it to stone and traveling up his arm. His computer was unable to identify the bug and couldn't come up with a cure. Hex taunted him in his last moments revealing her trap to him. The Medusa infected the Tor quickly and moved on to the rest of Mainframe.

Bob, Dot Matrix, and Enzo Matrix encountered the Medusa when it infected a large portion of Baudway Sector, including Dot's Diner. Enzo watched as the virus infected Frisket, as the dog ran toward them to get away. The three sprites went to the Principal Office and asked Phong about the odd infection. Phong told them it was a bug, pure and simple, spreading to anything it touches. He told Dot and Enzo to work on evacuating the city, while he took Bob to the Mainframe Armory to work on a defense.

At the Armory, Bob asked for several powerful weapons, but Phong had to tell him that they were not in the Super Computer, and that they only had some less sophisticated weapons. Bob tried to use a powered-up Viral Erase Command on the bug, but it was too powerful to be erased and resisted the command.

Phong evacuated the city's inhabitants to the Principal Office and put up its shields. The Medusa quickly degraded the shield and infected the Principal Office and everyone in it. The only one to survive was Bob; his guardian code made him immune.

Bob decided to go to Lost Angles and tried to exact his revenge by infecting Hexadecimal with the Medusa. When he arrived at Hexadecimal's Lair, Hex had decorated her Lair with infected Mainframers, even Scuzzy had been infected.

Hex had no trouble stopping Bob and was ready to destroy him when he thanked her for making Mainframe so quiet and predictable, with no one moving or changing. Then Hex realized how peaceful it would be in Mainframe, which worked against her chaotic nature. After an outburst she snapped her fingers, and the entire city was immediately restored to normal.

ReBoot is a Canadian CGI-animated action-adventure cartoon series that originally aired from 1994 to 2001. It was produced by Vancouver-based production company Mainframe Entertainment, Alliance Communications, BLT Productions and created by Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell and John Grace, with the visuals designed by Brendan McCarthy after an initial attempt by Ian Gibson.

You can download the paper model template here: ReBoot - Medusa Bug Free Papercraft Download