Realistic Beetle Papercraft

Realistic Beetle Papercraft


3DPaper is a Korean papercraft (commercial) site that designs and sells proprietary and licensed paper models. They have provided two very realistic insect papercrafts available for free downlaod on their web site.

In case some of you are interested to know where these insect papercraft got their names, the one on the left is a stag beetle (Lucanus maculifemoratus), it's a species of beetle belonging to the Lucanidae family, it has a very large and distinctive pincer that closely resembles stag (male dear) antlers. The other one is a Japanese Rhinoceros beetle (Allomyrina dichotoma) which belongs to the Scarabaeidae Family. Just by looking at its giant horn you can clearly see how it got its name.

Beetle Papercraft [3DPaper]