Ranma - Genma Saotome Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Ranma - Genma Saotome Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Ranma - Genma Saotome Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Genma Saotome, the father of the title character, Ranma Saotome, based on the manga series Ranma (Ranma ½), the paper model was created by alonso jacobo. Genma Saotome is married to Nodoka Saotome and is a former fellow student of Happosai's along with his old friend and prospective in-law, Soun Tendo. Genma can translate into "dark or mysterious horse". Saotome means "rice-planting girl", which applies more to Ranma's cursed condition.

Genma is the sensei of the Tendo Dojo of Anything Goes Martial Arts. During the time when Genma took Ranma on a decade-long training voyage to improve their martial arts skills, he insisted on going to Jusenkyo in China - a place which he believed to be a training ground. However, because of Genma's ignorance of the Chinese language, he did not realize that the ground was unfrequented because it was cursed. Genma realized all too late the mistake he made, after his son knocked him into a cursed spring during this fateful training session.

Genma was knocked into Shonmaoniichuan, the Spring of Drowned Panda. Due to the nature of the Jusenkyo curse, a victim who falls into the spring is cursed to turn into who or whatever drowned there when doused with cold water. Thus, whenever Genma is splashed with cold water, he becomes a giant panda. Hot water, as with the rest of the Jusenkyo-cursed characters, can change him back into human form.

Despite the fact that he and his son were cursed, Genma still brought Ranma back to Japan to fulfill an agreement that he had made with his longtime friend and fellow martial artist Soun Tendo: Ranma would marry one of Soun's daughters and carry on the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts.

Genma and Soun decided that Soun's youngest daughter Akane would one day marry Ranma after Akane's sisters made the ruling on their own - against their will, at least at first. Genma currently resides in the Tendo Dojo along with Ranma, in the hopes that one day Ranma and Akane will get married and fulfill the agreement made by the two families. He spends most of his time playing go or Template:Shogi with Soun, although he briefly had a job at Dr. Tofu's clinic.

Unlike Ryoga Hibiki, Mousse and Shampoo, Genma automatically regains his clothing when shifting back to normal, despite being too large to keep them in cursed form. The only other characters who shares a similar trait is Pantyhose Taro. Occasionally, primarily in the earliest stories, the top half of Genma's gi and his glasses will also remain on him when he turns into a panda.

A stocky, middle aged man, Genma wears glasses with a frame that wraps around his ears, a white bandana that covers his head, and a white gi. He used to have hair, but is now completely bald. As a panda, he normally walks upright and will use signs to communicate. A common means for Genma to avoid answering embarrassing questions or temporarily dodge responsibility is to turn into his cursed form and play with a ball. He is much more comfortable with his cursed form than Ranma, although he does not have as many issues and problems with it as Ranma does with his.

As a former student of the grandmaster martial artist Happosai and the founder of the Saotome Style Anything Goes Martial Arts, Genma is an extremely proficient martial artist. He regularly trains with his son Ranma, who is even superior to Genma in regular combat, but he managed to spar on a roughly equal footing until the "Dragon's Whisker" and "Cradle of Hell" storylines. While Genma is usually too lazy or cowardly to show it, his full arsenal of special techniques would make him one of the most powerful fighters in the series if he ever used them in combination.

Though he looks hefty, especially in his cursed form, Genma is actually in extremely good shape. Like his son, he has great physical strength, enabling him to punch others a great distance or easily shatter boulders. He possesses enough speed to have kept up with Ranma for some time even after the latter's supersonic Amaguriken training. Genma is also surprisingly agile, capable of powerful leaps. Despite his girth and age, he can withstand great impacts without damage, like falling hundreds of meters into solid stone. His panda form is stronger still, and even seemed to make Ryoga Hibiki exert a certain degree of effort to restrain him during the final storyline.

As the creator of the Umisenken and the Yamasenken styles Genma is the only one who is a master of both and is extremly proficient in them. While initially teaching Ranma the Umisenken he was effortlessly able to defeat his son.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Ranma - Genma Saotome Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download