Queen's Blade - Izumi and Menace Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download

Queen's Blade - Izumi and Menace Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download


Queen's Blade - Izumi and Menace Cube Craft Free Paper Toys DownloadThese two cube craft paper toys are Izumi and Menace, from the manga / anime / video game series , the paper crafts created by Jorge Cft.

Izumi is a ronin from Hinomoto, user of the self-proclaimed "War God Fencing Style." In reality, she comes from a town of farmers, and taught herself fencing. Seems like her false personation was discovered in Hinomoto, and she ran to the continent. She came across Annelotte, and ended up following her of her own accord.

As a vain person, she won't ever say she's "just a warrior from Hinomoto" to try and correct her lie, and hates losing more than any of her comrades. She acts aloof when she talks, but she still follows Annelotte earnestly. Even if she were to lose her, she'd follow her with her full spirit. She likes to make herself seem more than she is, even trying to impersonate a ronin.

Izumi wears a black and red samurai breastplate and pauldrons, with a long red scarf around her neck. She wears a white tied loincloth, and a metal band on her right leg, and on her feet she has small black shin guards, and sandals, and white tabi.

Menace, along with her living scepter Setra, serve as minions of The Swamp Witch. Originally the Princess of the ancient kingdom of Amara, she was betrayed and trapped in her slave quarters by her adviser and mentor, Anarista, 4,000 years ago where she died. Menace would later be resurrected by The Swamp Witch to do her bidding. However, Menace seems more concerned with restoring her fallen kingdom of Amara than following orders.

Menace is domineering, and likes to live life in luxury. The only goal she has is reuniting her kingdom of Amara and will try to get followers and others to do her bidding in order to re-create her lost kingdom. Her servants treat her to massages and they appear to be happy to do so to others. Whether this is a spell or actual volition is unknown. In Rebellion she doesn't appear to have changed much since becoming the Queen, but she now seems to think about the ideal way she ought to manage her "country" and her "people". Currently, she loves the citizens of the new Kingdom of Amara from the bottom of her heart.

Menace is a well-toned young adult female with black hair and blue eyes. Despite her young appearance, she originally lived thousands of years ago. Carrying a Egyptian-themed motif, Menace is adorned with an elegant golden headpiece with a cobra at its center. She wears a jeweled breast plate that reaches only midway through her bust along with striped panties below an opaque cloth at her front. Her arms are also wrapped with a white cloth, but do not be fooled by the benign appearance - the white cloth are actually bandages with which Menace can perform some of her attacks. [Source: wikia]

You can download these cube papercraft toys here: Queen's Blade - Izumi and Menace Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download